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Andrea: You have no idea what it is, do you?

Edwin Jenner: It could be microbial, viral, parasitic, fungal.

Jacqui: Or the wrath of God?

Edwin Jenner: There is that.

Andrea: Somebody must know something. Somebody somewhere.

Carol: There are others, right? Other facilities?

Edwin Jenner: There may be some. People like me.

Rick Grimes: But you don't know? How can you not know?

Edwin Jenner: Everything went down. Communications, directives... all of it. I've been in the dark for almost a month.

Andrea: So it's not just here. There's nothing left anywhere? Nothing? That's what you're really saying, right?

Andrea: Ed, tell you what... You don't like how your laundry is done, you are welcome to pitch in and do it yourself. Here.

Ed Peletier: Ain't my job, missy.

Amy: Andrea, don't.

Andrea: What is your job, Ed? Sitting on your a$$ smoking cigarettes?

Ed Peletier: Well, it sure as hell ain't listening to some uppity smart-mouthed b*tch. Tell you what... (to Carol): Come on. Let's go!

Andrea: I don't think she needs to go anywhere with you, Ed.

Ed Peletier: And I say it's none of your business. Come on now. You heard me.

Andrea: Carol.

Carol Peletier: Andrea, please. It doesn't matter.

Ed Peletier: Hey, don't think I won't knock you on your a$$ just 'cause you're some college-educated cooze, all right? Now you come on now or you gonna regret it later.

Jacqui: So she can show up with fresh bruises later, Ed? Yeah, we've seen them.

Carol Peletier: I do miss my Maytag.

Andrea: I miss my Benz, my sat nav.

Jacqui: I miss my coffeemaker with that dual-drip filter and built-in grinder, honey.

Amy: My computer... And texting.

Andrea: I miss my vibr*tor.

Jacqui: Oh!

Carol Peletier: Me too.

Ezekiel: I was scared back there.

Carol: I was, too. I'm glad you're okay.

Ezekiel: It made me remember something I've been taking for granted lately. We can't wait on life, so...

Carol: Don't.

Ezekiel: Will you marry me?

Carol: Put that thing away. It'll snag on everything. And I told you not to ask me that.

Ezekiel: I know.

Carol: Especially after something like this. And this is not happening on a horse.

Ezekiel: I love you. And I always will. I'll keep this till you're ready.

Tobin: You gonna leave again? After it's over?

Carol: I don't know. I think I might just accept that some of us are lucky enough to just live, some of us are lucky enough to just fight.

Tobin: Even after it ends?

Carol: I don't think it ends.

Tobin: What we're doing... The end of the fight is... Is what we're fighting for.

Carol: Winning just means we get tomorrow. Maybe one more night. Maybe one more morning. After that... no guarantees.

Nabila: You versus all of them?

Carol: Yeah.

Nabila: They don't stand a chance.

Carol: Your majesty.

Ezekiel: Save 'em... Like you saved me. (Ezekiel closes the gate in front of her)

Ezekiel: I know what you want from me... what I should be doing. But I can't.

Carol Peletier: People out there need you.

Ezekiel: Who the hell was I to choose for them?

Carol Peletier: You're their king.

Ezekiel: 'Cause I said I was a king. I played a part. And early on, I was shown that the stakes were these people's lives. And I still played the part. I knew. And yet I smiled. I can't do it no more. I can't be what they need. So, please just... leave me alone.

(Letters / Narrative)

Rick Grimes: The plan is working. We're doing this. We're winning. We had a hard fight. We lost people, brave people who gave their lives to make sure we won. By the time it was over, there weren't any Saviors left standing.

Maggie Rhee: We beat 'em, but things got complicated. Jesus took prisoners, brought 'em back home. We're holding 'em outside our gates for now, till we decide what to do. Until I decide.

Carol Peletier: We took the outpost bit by bit. We thought we'd won. We were gathered up in the open when they ambushed us. It was over in seconds. Ezekiel, Jerry, and me, we're the only ones who made it back.

Rick Grimes: All of it, it's scarier than I thought it'd be, but we're doing it. We have to. Sasha was first, and now the's been more. The sacrifices are real. We need to make it right for them. The rest of the plan's still a go. We're moving on to the next step. I'm headed there now. The Sanctuary's still surrounded. They're trapped, cut off from their supplies. Every hour that goes by, we're makin' 'em weaker. The lookouts are all around the compound. They open a door, we fire. But if they open a door, seems like they'd have bigger problems. We meet at Sanctuary in two days to end this, to win it all. It's not like we haven't fought before. We fought every step of the way to this place, to this moment. The path has led us here, to who we are, to each other, to now. And we're so close. This can be our last fight.

Ezekiel: They are coming for us. Coming for us at this very moment. A powerful force of bloodthirsty rogues and unrepentant cutthroats bent on nothing short than our pitiless destruction. And yet I smile. And yet Carol smiles.

Jerry: Why, boss?

Carol Peletier: They probably have the numbers. But we have strategy.

Ezekiel: Yes, we do. Yes, we do. I am binding a hope to my heart, perhaps unwisely... but we have come this far, all of us, still here. If we follow this plan, if we keep to our training, if the fates continue to shine brightly upon us, allowing us this... this dream? We will lose not one of our ranks. We will lose not one of our ranks. Not one. We move onward.

Carol Peletier (to Ezekiel): You're a joke. This place is. That's what you do with jokes... you laugh. Out there... Out there, it's real. I've been to places where I thought I wouldn't have to... where I could just be. You're selling these people a fairy tale.

Morgan Jones: Look, I know.

Carol Peletier: You're sh*tting me, right? This place is a damn circus... all of it. Th-These people... this is make-believe. It's playtime.

Carol Peletier (to Ezekiel): All I need is some more rest... and maybe a hairbrush. No one told me I'd be meeting royalty.

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