Din Djarin: Who are you?

Cobb Vanth: I’m Cobb Vanth, Marshal of Mos Pelgo.

Din Djarin: Where did you get the armor?

Cobb Vanth: Bought it off some Jawas.

Din Djarin: Hand it over.

Cobb Vanth: Look, pal, I’m sure you call the shots where you come from, but ’round here, I’m the one tells folks what to do.

Din Djarin: Take it off. Or I will.

Cobb Vanth (about Baby Yoda): We gonna do this in front o’ the kid?

Din Djarin: He’s seen worse.

From The Mandalorian – Season 2 Episode 1: ‘Chapter 9: The Marshal’ (2×01) | Produced by Lucasfilm