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Din Djarin: If his parent gave permission, couldn't he then become a Mandalorian apprentice?

The Armorer: Yes, but his parents are far from here, if they are even alive.

Din Djarin: Then I will adopt him as my own.

The Armorer: This is the Way.

Din Djarin: This is the Way.

The Armorer: Let it be written in Song that Din Djarin is accepting this foundling as his son. You are now Din Grogu, Mandalorian apprentice. You must leave Mandalore and take your apprentice on his journeys, just as your teacher did for you.

Din Djarin: This is the Way.

(Grogu steals food...)

Din Djarin: What are you doing? Stop, Grogu. No. You have to pay for those.

(Din takes it away from him and pays for it. Grogu takes a fruit.)

Din Djarin: No.

Grogu: Yes.

Din Djarin: Hey. Grogu.

Grogu: No.

Din Djarin: Give it.

Grogu: No.

Din Djarin: Grogu, give it ba...

(Grogu smashes the fruit by accident, Din pays for it.)

Din Djarin: This isn't working for me.

(Grogu is trying out the IG-12...)

Greef Karga: Will you look at that?

Grogu: Yes.

Din Djarin: "Yes" what?

Grogu: Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes...

(Greef Karga gives rebuilt IG-11, now IG-12, to Grogu. He can use it as a vehicle and has "Yes" and "No" buttons..)

Din Djarin: Grogu is too young to operate heavy machinery. Maybe when he's older...

Grogu: No.

Din Djarin: What do you mean, "No?"

Grogu: No.

Greef Karga: I think he's sayin' he's old enough to operate it.

Grogu: Yes.

(Grogu gets close to one of the Anzellans...)

Anzellan: Bad baby. No squeezie!

Duchess of Plazir-15: As for you, Lady Bo-Katan Kryze and Din Djarin of Concordia, I grant you audience with our deployment of Mandalorian privateers. I also give to you both our highest honor, the key to Plazir. You will always be welcome in our domed paradise. And to this little one, I grant knighthood. You are now a knight of the Ancient Order of Independent Regencies.

Ragnar (about Grogu): Why doesn't he wear a helmet?

Din Djarin: He is too young to speak the Creed, and so, too young to wear a helmet.

Ragnar: Then he's too young to fight.

Din Djarin: "One does not speak unless one knows." Is that not the Creed?

Ragnar: Well, I know.

Din Djarin: Perhaps this lesson is for you, then.

Greef Karga: Oh, I'm confused. I thought you had completed your mission, but you're still running around here with the same little critter.

Din Djarin: It's complicated. I completed my quest. He returned to me. I removed my helmet, and now I'm an apostate.

(R2D2 tells Peli Motto what Baby Yoda's name is...)

Peli Motto (to Grogu): Grogu? Whoa! That's a terrible name. Sorry about that, pal. No way am I calling you that.

(X-wing shows up at Peli Motto's hangar with Baby Yoda sitting inside...)

Peli Motto (to Grogu): Well, look who it is! Aw! Did they teach you how to fly an X-wing already? (one of her droids speaks up) I know an astromech flew the ship.

Ahsoka Tano (about Grogu): You've taught him well.

Luke Skywalker: It's more like he's remembering than I'm actually teaching him anything.

Ahsoka Tano: Sometimes the student guides the master.

Luke Skywalker (to Grogu): I want to tell you about someone you remind me of a great deal. His name was Yoda. He was small like you, but his heart was huge, and the Force was strong in him. He once said to me, "Size matters not." That's how he talked. He would speak in riddles.

Grogu is a character from Star Wars Universe

Star Wars Quotes

Star Wars Quotes

You can find Grogu in the TV series The Mandalorian and The Book of Boba Fett.


Grogu is a force sensitive Mandalorian of an unknown species. Before we learned his name, he was nicknamed by the fans as ‘Baby Yoda’ meaning he was a baby of Yoda’s species.

Grogu was discovered by The Mandalorian Din Djarin and stayed with him. They formed a close relationship, where Grogu thinks of him as his father.

Grogu was trained as a youngling in the Jedi temple on Coruscant before the Republic fell. He was also shortly trained by Luke Skywalker before deciding to come to Din.


The voice of Baby Yoda was created by David Acord.

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Top 10 Most Iconic Quotes about Grogu from Star Wars

The pick of the top 10 famous one-liners ever said about Grogu:

  1. “Now, don’t touch anything. I’ll find us some lodging, then I’ll come back for you. You stay right here. You stay. Don’t move. You understand? Great. (Baby Yoda comes after him) Oh, what the hell? Come on.” (Din Djarin to Grogu, The Mandalorian – Ep. 1×04)
  2. “Grogu and I can feel each other’s thoughts.” (Ahsoka Tano about Grogu, The Mandalorian – Ep. 2×05)
  3. “He’s formed a strong attachment to you. You’re like a father to him. I cannot train him.” (Ahsoka Tano to Din about Grogu, The Mandalorian – Ep. 2×05)
  4. “You’re very special, kid. We’re gonna find that place you belong and they’re gonna take real good care of you. I can’t train you. You’re too powerful. Don’t you wanna learn more of that Jedi stuff? I agreed to take you back to your own kind, so that’s what I need to do. You understand, right?” (Din Djarin to Grogu, The Mandalorian – Ep. 2×06)
  5. “Well, I guess this is it. Does this look Jedi to you?” (Din Djarin to Grogu, The Mandalorian – Ep. 2×06)
  6. “Moff Gideon. You have something I want. You may think you have some idea what you are in possession of, but you do not. Soon, he will be back with me. He means more to me than you will ever know.” (Din Djarin about Grogu, The Mandalorian – Ep. 2×07)
  7. “Help me rescue the Child and you can have whatever you want. He is my only priority.” (Din Djarin to Bo-Katan, The Mandalorian – Ep. 2×08)
  8. “You’re trying too hard. Don’t try. Do.” (Luke Skywalker to Grogu, The Book of Boba Fett – Ep. 1×06)
  9. “It will take you many years to master the ways of the Force, and you may never see the Mandalorian again because, Grogu, a short time for you is a lifetime for someone else.” (Luke Skywalker to Grogu, The Book of Boba Fett – Ep. 1×06)
  10. “Grogu? Whoa! That’s a terrible name. Sorry about that, pal. No way am I calling you that.” (Peli Motto to Grogu, The Book of Boba Fett – Ep. 1×07)

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