Enjoy the best quotes from Lucifer’s episode ‘Favorite Son’.
‘Favorite Son’ is the sixth episode of season 1. (s01e06)


In case you don’t remember what was this episode about, here is synopsis.


Lucifer bails on Chloe when he becomes bored with her investigation into a ruthless biker gang murder. However, when he discovers something was stolen during the crime that was very personal to him, he demands that Chloe let him rejoin the case. (Wikia)

Top 16 Lucifer quotes from 1×06

Ordered chronologically as they appear in the episode

Lucifer quote from 1x06 - Trixie Espinoza: What's in it for me? Dan Espinoza: What do you want? Trixie Espinoza: Chocolate cake. Dan Espinoza: Done. Trixie Espinoza: For a whole year. Dan Espinoza: Absolutely not. Trixie Espinoza: Mommy, I'm thirsty! Dan Espinoza: Okay, fine. Done.

  1. Chloe Decker: What made you think you’d get away with it? If you come clean now, I’ll go easy on you. So, tell me… did you eat… the chocolate cake?
    Trixie Espinoza: No, Mommy.
  2. Trixie Espinoza: I ate it.
    Dan Espinoza: Mm-hmm.
    Trixie Espinoza: But Lucifer said it was okay.
    Dan Espinoza: Oh, really?
    Trixie Espinoza: He said, if you really want to do something, you should. And I really wanted to eat some chocolate cake.
  3. Lucifer Morningstar: Do you know, I am amazed by the deferential regard you people hold for rotting flesh. I mean, this poor sap’s either already in Hell or in the Silver City enduring Uriel’s welcome speech, which is far worse than Hell, if you ask me.
  4. Chloe Decker: Let’s pretend for one second that you’re someone else. Someone nice, someone mature.
    Lucifer Morningstar: Ooh, I love role-play.
  5. Dr. Linda: Your identity.
    Lucifer Morningstar: It’s still the Devil, darling.
    Dr. Linda: Yes, but who are you trying so hard to become?
    Lucifer Morningstar: Nobody. I’m completely unbecoming.
    Dr. Linda: And yet you keep trying on many hats to hide your horns. Playboy, cop, club owner…
    Lucifer Morningstar: Yes, you forgot “master of all things tongue-related.”
  6. Trixie Espinoza: What’s in it for me?
    Dan Espinoza: What do you want?
    Trixie Espinoza: Chocolate cake.
    Dan Espinoza: Done.
    Trixie Espinoza: For a whole year.
    Dan Espinoza: Absolutely not.
    Trixie Espinoza: Mommy, I’m thirsty!
    Dan Espinoza: Okay, fine. Done.
  7. Dan Espinoza: I’m taking you in.
    Mazikeen: And what exactly are you going to say happened? Hmm? That a tiny female bartender knocked you out, stripped you naked and put you in your ex’s bed?
  8. Chloe Decker: Next time you secretly follow someone, don’t tailgate them. Draws a little attention.
    Lucifer Morningstar: It’s not my fault you drive like an elderly turtle.
  9. Lucifer Morningstar: You like being considered a criminal, don’t you? Yeah, you do. What else do you want?
    Hank Cutter: To own a clothing line.
    Lucifer Morningstar: Oh.
    Chloe Decker: Clothing line? I-I did not see that one coming.
  10. Amenadiel: A toast to Dr. Linda Martin, therapist to the Devil himself.
    Dr. Linda: I should put that on the door.
  11. Lucifer Morningstar: This is the longest, I’ve sat in a parked car and not had sex.
  12. Lucifer Morningstar (to Chloe): You had Dan deal with Maze alone? Oh, dear. For the first time, I actually feel sorry for Detective Douche.
  13. Chloe Decker: Why go to all this trouble for dolls?
    Lucifer Morningstar: Oh, come now, Detective. I have to keep some mysteries for myself.
    Chloe Decker: Enjoy your dolls.
  14. Dr. Linda: Sometimes we need to lose something before we can understand its value.
  15. Lucifer Morningstar (about God): He shunned me. He vilified me. He made me a torturer! Can you even begin to fathom what it was like? Eons spent providing a place for dead mortals to punish themselves? I mean, why do they blame me for all their little failings? As if I’d spent my days sitting on their shoulder, forcing them to commit acts they’d otherwise find repulsive. “Oh, the Devil made me do it.” I have never made any one of them do anything. Never.
  16. Lucifer Morningstar: Someone’s got them, Mazikeen. Someone’s got my wings.

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