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Michael (from Lucifer) Quotes

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Amenadiel: I'm not afraid of you, Michael. Now go home.

Michael: Lucifer's life sucks anyway. The only thing worse is the traffic.

Amenadiel: Oh, I think thou doth protest too much. You see, you pride yourself on exploiting everyone's fears, but we've always known yours. You're terrified that Lucifer is better than you. That he'll always be better than you.

Michael: Please. Our brother? The Devil? The, the, the guy that was cast out of Heaven for all eternity?

Amenadiel: Exactly, Michael, because despite even that, you know, deep down... he'll always end up winning.

Michael: We'll see.

Michael: I guess this means you never really liked the new Lucifer.

Chloe Decker: You're not the only one who can lie, and you are no Lucifer.

(Michael is pretending to be Lucifer, Chloe shoots him all of a sudden...)

Chloe Decker: Once I shot Lucifer to prove he was the Devil, and now I'm shooting you to prove you're not. (Michael is not bleeding) That's what I thought.

Michael: How long have you known?

Chloe Decker: I knew something was off the first time I kissed you. But you always had such good explanations, such good lies. I wanted to believe you. But then I saw you with Maze. That's when I knew. Lucifer would never... do that to me. So... Who are you?

Michael: I'm Lucifer's brother. Michael. It's nice to meet... Ow! (Chloe shoots him again) You know that won't kill me.

(Chloe shoots him two more times...)

Chloe Decker: Yeah, but it makes me feel better.

Mazikeen (about Chloe): You told her who you really are?

Michael: No. No, but I will, in time. See, I've decided I'm not going to break Lucifer's life. I'm gonna take it.

Mazikeen: How could you? After everything we've been through, Lucifer, how could you go home without me?

Michael: I'm not Lucifer! I'm not Lucifer! I'm not Lucifer!

Mazikeen: Lucifer told me he had a twin brother.

Michael: And you are Mazikeen. Nice to meet you. I'm Michael.

(Chloe is noticing Lucifer is acting out of character at the interogations...)

Vanus Hyatt: Did you know that I engineered five of my fragrances myself? The fruit scents are slightly controversial, but everyone loved my melons.

Chloe Decker (to Michael/Lucifer): Mm-hmm. (laughs) Oh... Really? Nothing? (whispers): At least hit on her.

Michael: Why would I do that? She might be a murderer.