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Lucifer Morningstar: I don't want you to see me like this. I know it scares you.

Chloe Decker: No, that's... that's what I was trying to tell you. I'm not... I'm not afraid of you anymore.

Lucifer Morningstar: You're not?

Dromos: You see, this is what I'm talking about. It's so sweet. I'm going to puke.

Lucifer Morningstar (to Linda): Oh, enjoy your child. Have him ring me when he's old enough to go to strip clubs.

(Lucifer turned full devil...)

Lucifer Morningstar: If I turn around, will you be fine or will you look away in horror?

Chloe Decker: It doesn't matter.

Lucifer Morningstar: Of course it does, detective.

Chloe Decker: No, it doesn't. Because this isn't about me. This is about you. Not gonna let you use me as an excuse to avoid dealing with what is behind all of this. You always talk about how much you hate being blamed for humanity's sins. You know, "The Devil made me do it," and I think I know why you hate it so much, because deep down, you blame yourself just as much... if not more! You have to stop taking responsibility for things you can't control. Lucifer... you need to forgive yourself.

Lucifer Morningstar: I can't.

Chloe Decker: Why?

Lucifer Morningstar: I don't know how to. I don't even know where to begin. But...

Chloe Decker: But what?

Lucifer Morningstar: I want to.

(Lucifer starts turning back...)

Lucifer Morningstar: There is something rotten inside of me. I find it near impossible to drown out the constant cacophony of voices whispering in my ear, telling me I am evil. I'm drowning, doctor! And I can't stop asking myself... why do I hate myself so much?

Chloe Decker: Father Kinley had been asking to see me, so I finally went and... he told me about... a prophecy.

Lucifer Morningstar: Right. What is it this time? Are frogs about to start falling from the sky or... perhaps winter is coming.

Lucifer Morningstar: What happened there, brother? Hit another bridge whilst flying?

Amenadiel: That happened one time, Lucy. And no, I got into a fight... with Remy.

Doctor: You have moles that large on your back? You need to get them checked out, have them removed.

Lucifer Morningstar: But I tried removing them in the past, but the stubborn buggers always seem to grow back. I just need you to dress them up a smidge. Maybe you could... attach some white feathers or tattoo them. Something cheery, flowers, maybe.

Doctor: Tattoo your moles? I was thinking maybe I could get you a discount on some botox, but...

Lucifer Morningstar: I don't need botox, doctor! What I need is for you to fix them, because they are disgusting!

Lucifer Morningstar: Oh gosh, no! I'm so sorry. I seem to have picked up the candy dandy rave donuts instead of the regular glazed ones. One bite of this and you'd be riding the rainbow unicorn for days. Come to think of it, I just realized what happened to Monday and Tuesday.

Lucifer Morningstar: Detective. You threw yourself onto me. You were willing to sacrifice yourself to save me.

Lucifer Morningstar: I've gotten to know all of you in my time here, which is what makes this... my final case, so difficult. Dougie in the motor pool, who helped put a siren on my car. Thank you for that. Cucuzza in evidence, who always let me inspect the cocaine seizures first. And you. Nameless uni, I think I'll miss you most of all. So anyway, as a parting gift for everyone... I've hired a Carl's Jr. truck out in the parking lot. Free burgers for you all. Go on! Knock yourselves out.

Eve: Look what came in the mail today. It's a me costume.

Lucifer Morningstar: I can see.

Eve: Does it make you want to come over here and... tempt me?

Eve: I did come back to Earth for the fun and the excitement. But, more specifically... I came back... for you. To be... with you. You know? Like old times.

Lucifer Morningstar: That was... thousands of years ago.

Eve: Yes, but it was also the best time of my life. Lucifer, I never felt more like myself than when I was with you.