From The Witcher – Season 2 Episode 2: ‘Kaer Morhen’ (2×02) | TV series produced by Netflix


Quote References & Callbacks

The quote “Keep your sword close and keep moving,” was said once before in Season 1, Episode 1 by Calanthe, when she spoke to Ciri.


Quote from The Witcher | When I first came to Kaer Morhen, Vesemir said to me that the world outside these walls is a dangerous place. But times are changing, even here. Nowhere's safe now. You can't run from the world. You can't hide from it. But you can find power and purpose. A chance to survive the horror. This Continent... Was meant for no one. All you have to do, Ciri, is keep your sword close and keep moving. (Geralt to Ciri - Ep. 2x02)