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Tam Nguyen: Look, you made my mom's note. (hands it to Sheldon)

Sheldon Cooper: "Don't talk to Sheldon. Mom." That's fine. I usually do most of the talking.

Tam Nguyen: Yes, you do.

Howard Wolowitz: So, he was your best friend growing up?

Tam Nguyen: Yes.

Howard Wolowitz: Were there no other kids in Texas?

Sheldon Cooper: Whoa. That girl just took a book on geostatistics.

Tam: Yeah, so?

Sheldon Cooper: That's not required reading for any science course.

Tam: Maybe she wants to squash a spider with it.

Sheldon Cooper: No, look, she's reading it. Who is this mystery woman?

Tam: Should we invite her to have lunch with us?

Sheldon Cooper: I don't know. So far, it's just been you and me, and we know that works. Do we really want to mess with success?

Tam: We could think of it as an experiment.

Sheldon Cooper: Oh, you do know how to push my buttons.

Tam: All right, go ask her.

Sheldon Cooper: Why me?

Tam: Your lack of testosterone makes you adorable to women.

Sheldon Cooper: I can't argue with that.

Sheldon Cooper: Was Ms. Ingram upset I wasn't in class?

Tam: Actually, she was happy. She even did a little dance.

Tam: Are you into rocketry?

Sheldon Cooper: I started with water propulsion, worked my way up to solid fuel, then went back to water after I set our garage on fire.

Tam: Nice.

Sheldon Cooper: I also tried to get some uranium and build an atomic engine, but that stuff's hard to find.

Tam: Probably for the best.

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