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Mary Cooper: Oh, Mom. If you're sleeping with the man, you should be married to him.

Meemaw: Why do I come here? I got to find a cooler chick to talk to.

Mary Cooper: You know I'm right.

Meemaw: I know no such thing. It's my life, I don't have to do anything 'cause I'm "supposed to." I do it because I want to, and right now, I don't want to, end of story.

Sheldon Cooper: Why can't I go there full-time?

Mary Cooper: Oh, baby, it's an hour away. We can't drive you back and forth every day.

Meemaw: I'm the one who's been driving him.

Sheldon Cooper: And she loves it.

Meemaw: How can he be so smart and so clueless at the same time?

Meemaw: Mary, you need to know you're doing a fantastic job with those kids.

Mary Cooper: You really mean that?

Meemaw: I really do.

Mary Cooper: Thanks. I can't remember the last time someone said I was a good mom.

Meemaw: It's not a job that gets a lot of compliments.

(Meemaw is taking makeup off of Missy)

Meemaw: And for future reference, go lighter on the blush, or you'll end up looking like Raggedy Ann.

Missy Cooper: She got Raggedy Andy looking like that.

Meemaw: He's her brother.

Missy Cooper: Oh. I've been playing with those dolls all wrong.

(Mary is not talking to George)

Meemaw: What's that about?

Mary Cooper: I'm punishing him.

Meemaw: What for?

Mary Cooper: Nothing, really. But once I got started, I couldn't stop.

Missy Cooper: I actually missed you.

Meemaw: Ain't that nice?

Sheldon Cooper: What about me did you miss?

Missy Cooper: I don't know.

Sheldon Cooper: Well, think about it and get back to me.

Georgie Cooper (to Missy): Ha, he gave you homework.

Meemaw: Your brother's gonna be fine, but he has to have his gallbladder removed.

Missy Cooper: How's he gonna pee?

Meemaw: Not that bladder, his gallbladder.

Georgie Cooper: What's the gallbladder do?

Meemaw: I guess not much, if they're takin' it out.

Missy Cooper: You think he'll bring it home so we can see it?

Meemaw: I'll ask.

Mary Cooper: He's only doing it 'cause of that Veronica girl.

George Cooper Sr.: Oh, sure. That makes sense.

Mary Cooper: What do you mean, it makes sense?

George Cooper Sr.: When I was his age, I hitchhiked to Florida 'cause I had a friend that had a girlfriend who knew a girl who might be willing.

Meemaw: But then you met my daughter and you didn't have to travel so far. (laughs)

Sheldon Cooper: I was going through our expenditures and noticed our grocery bills are up 12 % compared to last quarter. Any idea why?

George Cooper Sr.: There's a person at the end of the table that eats for free.

Meemaw: There's a person at the other end of the table that eats for three.

Pastor Jeff: And Jacob said: "For I have seen God face to face, and my life is preserved."

Sheldon Cooper: Is this an appropriate time to mention that John 1:18 says, "No man hath seen God at any time." Who's right? Jacob or John?

Mary Cooper: Let's talk about it in the car.

Pastor Jeff: ...the Lord. (Meemaw raises her hand) Yes, Connie?

Meemaw: My grandson has a question. Let 'er rip, kid.

Meemaw: Maybe having this mutt next door won't be so bad. Shelly could end up getting used to it.

George Cooper Sr.: That's true. Remember when he got all freaked out by the fruit at the bottom of yogurt? Now he eats it no problem.

Mary Cooper: He still makes me stir it.

Meemaw: Maybe you could start out with a small pet, and work your way up. Like a turtle.

Mary Cooper: He says they carry salmonella.

Meemaw: A gerbil?

Mary Cooper: Apparently, they caused the plague.

Georgie Cooper: What about a bird?

George Cooper Sr.: Oh, I know that one. They'll steal his hair to make a nest.

Meemaw: There's something about him. I mean, he's smart as hell, and gentle and funny. Not always on purpose, but he's funny. I never met anybody like him.

George Cooper Sr.: Sounds like Sheldon.

Meemaw: Now, why would you go and put that thought in my mind?

George Cooper Sr.: Did you understand any of it? (Theoretical physics lecture)

Meemaw: Not a word. But he had on a tweed jacket with the elbow patches, so he must know what he's talking about.

Georgie Cooper: Hey, now that you're treating him like an adult, can I have his allowance?

George Cooper Sr.: That allowance is for chores, which you already don't do.

Georgie Cooper: Come on. We all know I'm your favorite.

Meemaw: You're not even his third favorite.

George Cooper Sr.: The little Sparks girl?

Mary Cooper: You're kidding. She seems so sweet.

Georgie Cooper: He says she slaps him around, takes his lunch money. She even put a tadpole down his shirt.

Meemaw: Poor kid, he tucks in those shirts.

(They go spy on her through the fence)

Mary Cooper: She looks harmless.

Meemaw: She's cute. So she probably gets away with stuff. I'm like that.

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