Dean Winchester: Hey, you know they make Ghost Pepper Jerky?

Sam Winchester: Uh, you’re not gonna like it.

Dean Winchester: What are you talking about? I like all jerkies.

Sam Winchester: Dude, ghost peppers are really hot.

Dean Winchester: Ah, please. Aha. (takes a bite) Mm.

Sam Winchester: How is it?

Dean Winchester: It’s good. It’s really good. I like it. Good… Good flavor.

Sam Winchester: Great. Uh, you should have another piece.

Dean Winchester: That’s fine.

Sam Winchester: Ooh. Thank you. Water. You mind if I, uh…

Dean Winchester: I’m…

Sam Winchester: What? Huh? You want… Okay? Yeah. Sure.

(Sam gives Dean the water and he starts gulping it and ends up pouring it on his face to cool himself…)

Dean Winchester: Oh, sweet mother.

From Supernatural – Season 15 Episode 5: ‘Proverbs 17:3’ (15×05) | Produced by The CW