Richard Webber: Years ago… I also had a brain tumor. Derek removed it. But I had some bad days. What I’m saying is, I’ve been where you are. I know how frightening this is.

Amelia Shepherd: This is you? Optic nerve looks pristine. Clean margins, no shift. You were lucky.

Richard Webber: N-No, those are my pre-op scans. Okay, you see the tumor r-right there?

Amelia Shepherd: That? That’s not artifact?

Richard Webber: No, it’s a tumor! I was dizzy for weeks. I almost went blind!

Amelia Shepherd: That’s a tumor. (points at her scan)

Richard Webber: What’s this… some kind of competition?

Amelia Shepherd: I could’ve removed this tumor before breakfast with my eyes closed. Koracick would let me remove this tumor while he removed mine. Did they even have microscopes strong enough to see this tumor back then?

From Grey’s Anatomy: Season 14 Episode 3: ‘Go Big or Go Home’ (14×03)