(Arya’s wearing a face pretending to be a serving girl)

Walder Frey: Where are my damn moron sons? Black Walder and Lothar promised to be here by midday.

Arya Stark: They’re here, my lord.

Walder Frey: Well, what are they doing, trimming their c*nt hairs? Tell them to come here now.

Arya Stark: But they’re already here, my lord. Here, my lord. (shows him the food she prepared for him) They weren’t easy to carve. Especially Black Walder.

(Arya takes down the face)

Walder Frey: What…

Arya Stark: My name is Arya Stark. I want you to know that. The last thing you’re ever going to see is a Stark smiling down at you as you die.

From Game of Thrones – Season 6 Episode 10: ‘The Winds of Winter’ (6×10)