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Jaime Lannister: Yes, you're a great conqueror.

Walder Frey: Go on, mock me, boy. You think I mind? The Tullys mocked me for years. The Starks mocked me. Where are they now? You talk about war as if you're an expert, but the one battle I remember you fighting, you were captured by Robb Stark, the Young Wolf. But it doesn't matter. Here we are now, two kingslayers. We know what it's like to have them grovel to our faces and snigger behind our backs. We don't mind, do we? Fear is a marvelous thing.

Jaime Lannister: They don't fear the Freys, though. They fear the Lannisters. We gave you the Riverlands to hold the Riverlands. If we have to ride north and take them back for you every time you lose them, why do we need you?

Walder Frey: You've lost it?

Walder Rivers: Yes, Father.

Walder Frey: It's a castle, not a bloody sheep. Presumably you still know where it is. You didn't lose Riverrun. You let the Blackfish take it from you.

Lothar Frey: He surprised us. He knows the castle better than anyone.

Walder Frey: You did lose the Blackfish after the Red Wedding. You had him right here in this hall and you let him leave. Then when I told you to hunt him down and kill him, you couldn't find him. That's what it means to lose something.

Walder Frey (to Robb): Your Grace. I feel I've been remiss in my duties. I've given you meat and wine and music, but I haven't shown you the hospitality you deserve. My king has married and I owe my new queen a wedding gift.

(Walder Frey's words that started the massacre known as The Red Wedding)

Walder Frey is a character from Game of Thrones

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Game of Thrones Quotes

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