This quote comes from the TV series The Boys – Season 3 Episode 2: ‘The Only Man in the Sky’ (3×02) | The show is produced by Amazon Studios



Quote references:

VBS, TVT and VNN are Vought channels that are made to sound similar to top American stations:
VBS = Vought Broadcasting System (parody of CBS)
VTV = VTV Television for Women (parody of Hallmark/Lifetime channels)
VNN = Vought News Network (News channel, parody of CNN)


Vought Soul is a music channel for the black community.
Voughtemundo is probably a Spanish-language station.


Other mentions:
Cast of Riverdale – Riverdale TV series, Emeril Lagasse – famous American chef (Top Chef series), Rascal Flatts – American country band, Dame Judi Dench – famous English actress.
Starlight, Supersonic and Black Noir are characters within The Boys universe.