Kamski: Chloe. I’m sure you’re familiar with the Turing test. Mere formality, simple question of algorithms and computing capacity. What interests me is whether machines are capable of empathy. I call it “the Kamski test”, it’s very simple, you’ll see… (turns to Chloe) Magnificent, isn’t it? One of the first intelligent models developed by CyberLife. Young and beautiful forever. A flower that will never wither… But what is it really? Piece of plastic imitating a human? Or a living being… With a soul… (pulls out a gun and gives it to Connor) It’s up to you to answer that fascinating question, Connor. Destroy this machine and I’ll tell you all I know. Or spare it, if you feel it’s alive, but you’ll leave here without having learnt anything from me.

Hank: Okay, I think we’re done here. Come on, Connor. Let’s go. Sorry to get you outta your pool.

Kamski: What’s more important to you, Connor? Your investigation, or the life of this android? Decide who you are. An obedient machine… Or a living being endowed with free will…

Hank: That’s enough! Connor, we’re leaving.

Kamski: Pull the trigger and I’ll tell you what you wanna know.

Hank: Connor, don’t.

(Connor decides not to shoot and gives the gun back to Kamski)

Kamski: Fascinating… CyberLife’s last chance to save humanity… is itself a deviant…

Connor: I’m… I’m not a deviant…

Kamski: You preferred to spare a machine rather than accomplish your mission. You saw a living being in this android. You showed empathy.

From Detroit: Become Human (Game)