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Clem: Emotions aren't picky. They get the better of all of us eventually.


Tripp: I might be going crazy, but... I think these came from Prescott.

Jesus: This is bigger than just Prescott. There's spoils from other towns here, too. Towns I heard got raided a while back... Th-There's stuff here from the Kingdom...


Clem: I thought AJ would be the one... finally.

Javi: The one what?

Clem: The one who didn't die. My little goofball... Maybe it was for the best. Any place has to be better than here. Maybe even nothing is better...


David: You were taking care of them, weren't you? Somehow you found a way. I'm not going to lie, I never thought you had it in you. You've changed, brother. It took the end of the world, but you finally grew up.


Kate: He's not a kid anymore. He's just... one of those things. I don't even know what to call them. If they're not people... If they're just the dead... Muertos.


Clem (to Javi): I had a... a friend. He had a wife... a son... he was really protective. Having people is nice, but it always ends up hurting in the end. Never think otherwise.


Gabe: Parents just love pretending the rest of us can't hear.

Clem: I wouldn't know.


Kate: This is gonna sound fucked up, but... Maybe this is my chance for... Christ, I don't know... a graceful exit? Not many people get those. I'd be one of the lucky ones.

Javi: You can't talk that way.

Kate: Hey, it's my deathbed.


Gabe: I'm done feeling this way. Feeling... powerless. I can't be some helpless little boy anymore -- I need to be a man. Just like my dad was. He knew how men were supposed to act. I don't care if it's not easy. Next time, I'm not gonna sit back and watch. I'm gonna do something. I have to.


Eleanor: Why is it always the pretty ones who end up causing the most trouble? As if good looks equals bad behavior or something. I've never understood it.

Javi: Are you calling me "pretty?"

Eleanor: I was talking about Eli. The dead guy?

Javi: Oh, yeah, good. Because I prefer "dashing." Or "debonaire," maybe.

Eleanor: Yeah... I'll try to keep that in mind.


Tripp: God effin' damn it, Francine. One of these days those doors are gonna close and your ass'll be on the other side!

Francine: Yeah. And when that day comes, Tripp. I promise... I'll eat you first.


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