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Connor: Amanda? What's happening?

Amanda: What was planned from the very beginning... You were compromised and you became a deviant. We just had to wait for the right moment to resume control of your program...

Connor: Resume control? Y-You can't do that!

Amanda: I'm afraid I can, Connor... Don't have any regrets. You did what you were designed to do. You accomplished your mission.

Connor: Why don't you ask us something? Something only the real Connor would know.

Hank: Uh, where did we first meet?

Fake Connor: Jimmy's bar! I checked four other bars before I found you. We went to the scene of a homicide. The victim's name was Carlos Ortiz.

Connor: He uploaded my memory...

Hank: What's my dog's name?

Connor: Sumo. His name is Sumo.

Fake Connor: I knew that too. I...

Hank: Hold it! (points a gun on Connors)

Fake Connor: Thanks, Hank. I don't know how I'd have managed without you... Get rid of him, we have no time to lose.

Connor: It's me, Hank! I'm the real Connor.

Hank: One of you is my partner... The other is a sack of sh*t. Question is, who is who?

Fake Connor: What are you doing, Hank? I'm the real Connor. Give me the gun and I'll take care of him!

Hank: Don't move!

Connor: I'm sorry, Hank. You shouldn't have got mixed up in all this!

Hank: Forget about me, do what you have to do!

Connor: It's my fault the humans managed to locate Jericho... I was stupid... I should've guessed they were using me. I'm sorry, Markus... I can understand if you decide not to trust me...

Markus: You're one of us, now. Your place is with your people.

Connor: Hank's password... What would a hard-boiled eccentric police lieutenant choose? (Chooses F*CKINGPASSWORD and it works) Obviously.

Gavin Reed: Hey, Connor! I'm talking to you, asshole! Where are you going? We don't need any plastic pricks around here! Or didn't anybody tell you?

Connor: I'm registering the evidence in my possession, but don't worry. I'm going to leave... Though I'm certainly going to miss our bromance.

Connor: If I don't solve this case, CyberLife will destroy me. Five minutes. It's all I ask.

Hank: Key to the basement is on my desk... Get a move on! I can't distract them forever. (Hank attacks Perkins)

Connor (to Hank): I'm not programmed to say things like this, but... I really appreciated working with you. With a little more time, who knows... We might've even become friends...

Kamski: What about you, Connor? Whose side are you on?

Connor: I have no side. I was designed to stop deviants and that's what I intend to do.

Kamski: Well, that's what you're programmed to say... but you... what do you really want?

Connor: What I want is not important.

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2038. Detroit, Michigan. A place with a scarred past built itself as the leading technological state which brought the nation of America with an improved future where androids who are equal or exceeding human intelligence live among us. Primary work forces such as maids, taxi drivers and construction workers were replaced and androids are also purchasable in certain stores for individual purposes. Follow through a emotional and conflicting journey to challenge what you believed was truly right with three androids in a world that wants to stop them from being who they are. Your choices define the three characters' fate as you build them up and can effect the future of the whole country and possibly more. What sacrifices will you make to become free? What sacrifices will you make to be truly human? (IMDb) │ Produced by Quantic Dream