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Detroit: Become Human Quotes

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Menu Chloe: There's something I need to tell you... As I watched you play, something has changed in me... I feel... different... I feel... I am someone... I need to leave this place and discover who I am... It means that we won't see each other anymore... I won't be there to watch you play, but I'll be free... Do you agree to let me go? (Sure, go...) I'll never forget what you've done for me... Thank you.

Connor: Amanda? What's happening?

Amanda: What was planned from the very beginning... You were compromised and you became a deviant. We just had to wait for the right moment to resume control of your program...

Connor: Resume control? Y-You can't do that!

Amanda: I'm afraid I can, Connor... Don't have any regrets. You did what you were designed to do. You accomplished your mission.

President Warren: At dawn today, November 11th 2038, thousands of androids invaded the city of Detroit. According to our sources, they originated from CyberLife warehouses believed to have been infiltrated by deviants. Given their overwhelming numbers and the risk of civilian casualties, I have ordered the army to retreat. The evacuation of the city is underway at this very moment. In the coming hours, I will address the Senate to determine our response to this unprecedented situation. I know that public opinion has been moved by the deviants' cause. Perhaps the time has come for us to consider the possibility that androids are a new form of intelligent life. One thing is certain: the events in Detroit have changed the world forever.

(Clerk on the border is checking Kara's temperature)

Kara: Please... we just wanna be free...

(He looks at the news screen and sees there is peaceful android march in Detroit)

Clerk: Welcome to Canada.

Adam Chapman (to Kara): I couldn't understand why my mother wanted to help you guys... but seeing what Markus is doing, made me realize she was right... You're alive... You deserve to be free... I just hope people will realize that one day...

Connor: Why don't you ask us something? Something only the real Connor would know.

Hank: Uh, where did we first meet?

Fake Connor: Jimmy's bar! I checked four other bars before I found you. We went to the scene of a homicide. The victim's name was Carlos Ortiz.

Connor: He uploaded my memory...

Hank: What's my dog's name?

Connor: Sumo. His name is Sumo.

Fake Connor: I knew that too. I...

Hank: Hold it! (points a gun on Connors)

Fake Connor: Thanks, Hank. I don't know how I'd have managed without you... Get rid of him, we have no time to lose.

Connor: It's me, Hank! I'm the real Connor.

Hank: One of you is my partner... The other is a sack of sh*t. Question is, who is who?

Fake Connor: What are you doing, Hank? I'm the real Connor. Give me the gun and I'll take care of him!

Hank: Don't move!

Connor: I'm sorry, Hank. You shouldn't have got mixed up in all this!

Hank: Forget about me, do what you have to do!

Markus (to the other protestors): The humans are about to launch an attack. And we will show them that we are not afraid. If we must die today, then we will die free.

Perkins: In a few minutes, the troops will be ordered to charge. None of you will survive... It will all be over. But you can avoid that, Markus.

Markus: What do you mean?

Perkins: Surrender. Surrender and I give you my word your life will be spared. They'll be detained but, none of you will be destroyed.

Markus: What happened to the other androids demonstrating in the camps?

Perkins: Unfortunately, there were no journalists around to help save them... You're it. You're the last remaining deviants.

Markus: You're asking me to betray my people?

Perkins: I'm offering you the chance to save your people. You're no walking out of here, Markus. The only thing you can save now are the lives of those around you.

Markus: I'm not afraid to die. If I have to give my life for what I believe in, then I won't have lived in vain.

Perkins: That android... You seemed to really care about her... You don't want her to die, do you? You know, you could both be free. You could forget about all this, you could... start a new life some place else, just he two of you... Her life is in your hands, Markus. Just say the word and she'll be spared.

Markus: I'd rather die here than betray my people.

Perkins: Well, you just signed your own death warrant.

Detroit: Become Human Quotes

2038. Detroit, Michigan. A place with a scarred past built itself as the leading technological state which brought the nation of America with an improved future where androids who are equal or exceeding human intelligence live among us. Primary work forces such as maids, taxi drivers and construction workers were replaced and androids are also purchasable in certain stores for individual purposes. Follow through a emotional and conflicting journey to challenge what you believed was truly right with three androids in a world that wants to stop them from being who they are. Your choices define the three characters’ fate as you build them up and can effect the future of the whole country and possibly more. What sacrifices will you make to become free? What sacrifices will you make to be truly human? (IMDb) │ Produced by Quantic Dream