Hank: My son, what’s his name?

Connor: Cole. His name was Cole. And he just turned six at the time of the accident… It wasn’t your fault, Lieutenant. A truck skidded on a sheet of ice and your car rolled over. Cole needed emergency surgery but no human was available to do it… So an android had to take care of him… Cole didn’t make it. That’s why you hate androids. You think one of us is responsible for your son’s death.

Hank: Cole died because a human surgeon was too high on red ice to operate… He was the one that took my son from me. Him and this world, where the only way people can find comfort is with a fistful of powder…

Fake Connor: I knew about your son too! I would have said exactly the same thing! Don’t listen to him, Hank, I’m the one who-

(Hank shoots fake Connor)

From Detroit: Become Human (Game)