Penelope Featherington: Colin… could I ask you something?

Colin Bridgerton: Of course.

Penelope Featherington: Would… Would you kiss me?

Colin Bridgerton: Penelope…

Penelope Featherington: It would not have to mean anything. And I would never expect anything from you because of it, but I’m nearly on the shelf and never been kissed, and I am not certain I ever will be. I could die tomorrow…

Colin Bridgerton: You are not going to die tomorrow.

Penelope Featherington: But I could, and it would kill me.

Colin Bridgerton: But you’d already be dead.

Penelope Featherington: I do not wish to die without ever having been kissed. Please. Colin.

(Colin kisses her)

Penelope Featherington: Thank you. (runs away)

This quote comes from a TV series ‘Bridgerton’. The scene where this moment comes from is in Season 3 Episode 2, with the title of ‘How Bright the Moon’ (3×02).

Bridgerton is based on a book series of the same name written by Julia Quinn. | The show Bridgerton is produced by Netflix