Violet Bridgerton: It, uh… seems my… garden is in bloom.

Lady Danbury: It is the middle of winter. The ground is frozen.

Violet Bridgerton: My husband and I had a garden. A luscious garden with many varieties of flowers. And when he died, the garden died. And I did not even think of the garden. I did not want the garden. But lately, without warning, the garden has begun to… bloom.

Lady Danbury: The garden?

Violet Bridgerton: And now it wants things. Sunlight. Air. Touch.

Lady Danbury: Your garden is in… bloom.

Violet Bridgerton: It is blooming out of control.

This quote comes from a TV series ‘Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story’. The scene where this moment comes from is from Season 1 Episode 5, with the title of ‘Gardens in Bloom’ (1×05). The show is a prequel to Bridgerton books and TV series. | The series ‘Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story’ is produced by Netflix