(Sam and Dean were trying to break the wall to get out of the bunker, using pickaxes, now Dean brings out his beloved grenade launcher…)

Toni Bevell: You’re lunatics. This is a colossally stupid idea.

Dean Winchester: Yep. Big, beautiful, and dumb. I’ve had this thing for so long. Been waiting for the perfect moment to use it.

Toni Bevell: The explosion could kill us all. You could bring the whole bloody place crashing down.

Dean Winchester: Yeah.

Sam Winchester: Yeah.

Toni Bevell: You’re lunatics. Action movie-loving, cheeseburger-eating, moronic American lunatics.

Dean Winchester: Okay, beautiful. Yippee ki-yay, mother —

From Supernatural – Season 12 Episode 22: ‘Who We Are’ (12×22) | TV series produced by The CW