Pepper Potts: I’ll handle the transition. It’ll be smooth.

Tony Stark: Okay. What about the press? Because you only had the job for a week. That’s gonna seem…

Pepper Potts: Well, with you it’s like dog years.

Tony Stark: I know.

Pepper Potts: I mean, it’s like the Presidency…

(They kiss)

Tony Stark: Weird.

Pepper Potts: No, it’s not weird.

Tony Stark: It’s okay, right?

Pepper Potts: Yeah.

Tony Stark: Run that by me again.

Rhodey: I think it was weird. You guys look like two seals fighting over a grape.

Pepper Potts: I had just quit, actually.

Tony Stark: Yeah, so we’re not…

Rhodey: You don’t have to do that. I heard the whole thing.

Tony Stark: You should get lost.

Rhodey: I was here first. Get a roof.

Tony Stark: I thought you were out of one-liners.

Rhodey: That’s the last one.

From the movie Iron Man 2 (2010) | Produced by Marvel