Becky Lewis: Now I get it.

Simon Lewis: What?

Becky Lewis: Why you’re “better than fine.” You’re totally into Isabelle.

Simon Lewis: No. No, no, we are just friends.

Becky Lewis: Oh, like that’s stopped you before.

Simon Lewis: Becky, I’m serious. You’re way off here.

Becky Lewis: The puddle of drool on the ground suggests otherwise. Why don’t you make a move?

Simon Lewis: Even if I was interested, which I’m not, Isabelle has a type: mysterious, hot, bad boys. She’s never gonna see me that way.

Becky Lewis: Don’t be so sure. I may not be a shadow expert, but I know romance. And there’s something between you two.

From Shadowhunters – Season 3 Episode 18: ‘The Beast Within’ (3×18)