Foggy Nelson: I have a crazy idea. I need a new napkin.

Matt Murdock: Okay. Well, he’s writing something.

Karen Page: Apparently.

Matt Murdock: What? Oh, he just wrote all of our names, didn’t he?

Foggy Nelson: How can you know that?

Matt Murdock: ‘Cause I was thinking the same thing.

Karen Page: Okay. Okay, guys, I’m not a lawyer.

Foggy Nelson: You’re one hell of an investigator.

Matt Murdock: Yeah, and way more stable than Jessica Jones.

Karen Page: All right, so what? What does that mean? We go back to helping people out of a crappy office, getting paid in chickens?

Foggy Nelson: I think Theo would let us work out of here, to start.

Matt Murdock: At least we’d have a place to sell the chickens.

Foggy Nelson: So what do you think?

Karen Page: Why the hell not?

Matt Murdock: To Nelson, Murdock & Page.

Karen Page: Page, Murdock & Nelson.

Foggy Nelson: Hang on a minute…

Matt Murdock: That actually has a nice ring to it.

From Daredevil – Season 3 Episode 13: ‘A New Napkin’ (3×13)