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Matt Murdock: Feels like half of Hell's Kitchen is here today to say goodbye to Father Paul Lantom. Seems fair. He certainly welcomed everyone here, Catholic or not. And he expected those of us who were to, uh, look for ways to do good in our community. Not even the kids got out of that requirement. I'm sure I'm not the only one who remembers his "suggestion" that we give some of our First Communion money to the poor box. And that was his way. To think of the community, and the, uh... and the individuals in it. To think in terms of, "What can I give?" He gave his life, right here in this church, protecting others. Standing up to a man who used fear as a tool to set neighbors against one another. If Father Lantom had an enemy, I would say it was fear. For me, personally, he spent many years trying to get me to face my own fears. To understand how they enslaved me, how they divided me from the people that I love. He counseled me to transcend my fears, to be brave enough to forgive... and see the possibilities of being a man without fear. That was his legacy. And now it's up to all of us to, uh, live up to it.

Matt Murdock: Last time we spoke, I confronted Father Lantom. I was angry. I'd change that if I could.

Sister Maggie: If God allowed that, there'd be no future. Just people endlessly rewriting the past.

Matt Murdock: Yeah. I think he was trying to tell me that for a long time. His last words were, "Forgive us."

Sister Maggie: Do you think that's possible?

Matt Murdock: He told me something, years ago, when this happened, that I never forgot. See, I was pretty angry at God and bitter towards his world. How could a loving God blind me? Why? Anyway, he told me... God's plan is like a beautiful tapestry. And the tragedy of being human is that we only get to see it from the back. With all the ragged threads and the muddy colors. And we only get a hint at the true beauty that would be revealed if we could see the whole pattern on the other side... as God does. Anyway, I've been thinking a lot about it recently, 'cause... I realize I've made some bad choices and hurt people that I love without meaning to.

Sister Maggie: You don't always know when you start down a false path.

Matt Murdock: No, you don't. And that's my point. I realize that if my life had turned out any differently, that I would never have become Daredevil. And although people have died on my watch, people who shouldn't have, there are countless others that have lived. So, maybe it is all part of God's plan. Maybe my life has been exactly as it had to be.

Sister Maggie: You have a generous heart, Matthew. To see the good in so much pain.

Matt Murdock: Not always. In fact, Father Lantom used to help me with that. Help me see the errors of my ways. I could use someone else to help me with that now... once in a while.

Sister Maggie: I'm a nun, Matthew. Helping is what I was called to do.

Wilson Fisk: If I agree to your demands, then... you leave my wife alone. You leave Vanessa free!

Matt Murdock: If you keep your word.

Wilson Fisk: Then, it's a deal.

Ray Nadeem: So, what now?

Matt Murdock: You're gonna testify against Fisk, once you hire us to represent you.

Ray Nadeem: Represent me?

Foggy Nelson: As Nelson and Murdock, attorneys at law.

Matt Murdock: I listened to you. I listened to you, and they almost died. God damn it. I'm such an idiot.

Sister Maggie: No. I'm the idiot. I told you to involve your friends, and I made things worse. I'm used to putting on a brave face when people bring their troubles to the church. And I find that they don't just bring their troubles, they bring their answers, too, if you let them talk enough. But... what you're dealing with is so far beyond my experience that... Well... all I can hope to do is help keep your wounds stitched and your head clear, so you can be safe. And I'll be more careful about giving advice to the Devil. And, occasionally, possibly, I'll try to keep my mouth shut.

Matt Murdock: Could I get that in writing?

Matt Murdock: Who are you?

Dex Poindexter: I'm Daredevil.

Sister Maggie: Hallelujah. So you can dress like a normal human being. Well, it warms my heart to see you going out to do something other than beat someone up.

Matt Murdock: How do you know? Could just be adding style to my beatings.

Sister Maggie: Did you... Did you just make a joke? You look ready to smile, which I'm sure in your case means... Well, I don't know what that could mean, as I've never actually seen one. This have something to do with the blond who came to visit me today?

Matt Murdock: Do you believe people can change?

Sister Maggie: I'm still holding out hope.

Matt Murdock: I don’t think we can. Not really. I think we come into this world who we are. And maybe we get a little nicer. Or a little angrier. But we can't change our fundamental nature.

(Flashback to young Matt...)

Father Lantom: How many fights have you been in this week?

Matt Murdock: How many guys complained?

Father Lantom: None. 'Cause no one wants to admit they got their butt kicked by a blind kid.

Matt Murdock: So you can't prove that I did anything.

Father Lantom: I don't want to, and I don't need to. It's not about proving anything, Matthew. Argumentation is a skill. Being argumentative is a sign.

Matt Murdock: A sign like a prophecy?

Father Lantom: A sign like you're angry, Matthew. That's a perfectly understandable reaction to your situation. But it's not sustainable.

Matt Murdock: Or maybe it's a sign that Sister Dora should stick to teaching math.

Father Lantom: You're good... at arguing and deflecting and denying you're angry to other people. But you're gonna have to deal with your anger, Matthew. Find a way to... harness it. Or it will destroy you.

Matt Murdock is a character from the Marvel Universe

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