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Brett Mahoney: Karen? What happened to your shoes?

Karen Page: I gave 'em away for a worthy cause.

Frank Castle: Can I ask you something? That Matt Murdock, does he know you're here? (Karen looks away) Yeah, that's what I thought.

Karen Page: What does that have to do with this?

Frank Castle: Come on, Karen. He's good. Don't throw that away for me.

Frank Castle: I think about those women, you know? What were their faces like, you know? What were they thinking about when my bullets, my bullshit, when it... ripped right through them and ended everything they had...

Karen Page: Frank, no, you didn't know. You didn't know they were there.

Frank Castle: It's not that I didn't know. I didn't care. I didn't care. Right then, I would've killed anything that got in my way. You know what that means, right? Now I'm the monster. Yeah. If any of those pieces of shit that I killed, if they deserved to die... so do I.

Karen Page: Father, what do you do... when you realize that you've lost?

Father Lantom: A man I helped raise as a boy came to see me recently.

Karen Page: Matt.

Father Lantom: I had... I had a choice of evils. He blames me for the ones I chose, for the way his life turned out. I can't argue with him. I just have to find a way to live with it.

Karen Page: Yeah, but how do you live with that? Knowing that you... that you hurt someone like that?

Father Lantom: Well, you have to realize, Karen, that whatever it is that you've done... or haven't done... it can still be redeemed.

Karen Page: Yeah, that's nice, but I'm not so sure that I believe that.

Father Lantom: "Everything will be okay in the end. If it's not okay, it's not the end." John Lennon said that. Who are we to argue with a Beatle?


Karen Page: We have to do something... I have to do something about this. So don't tell me to back off, 'cause I won't.

Mitchell Ellison: You know, it took Ben decades to become this much of a pain in my ass.


(David and Frank are listening to a radio interview of Karen and a senator about gun control)

Senator: Guns are a toxin in our society. In the wrong hands, they wreak terrible results. It's barely a year since this city was terrorized by the Punisher.

Karen Page: You know, uh, that's hardly the same thing. Frank Castle killed murderers and drug dealers.

Senator: But where's the line, Karen? Frank Castle decided he knew better than the law and was tried for killing 37 people.

Karen Page: Frank Castle's not a terrorist.

David Lieberman: Thirty-seven?

Frank Castle: That they know about.

Radio host: Castle was a hero to many who felt that he was doing what cops failed to do.

Frank Castle: I need to find these bastards that took 'em from me. I gotta kill 'em.

Karen Page: So where does that end, Frank? Because I look at you and... my heart breaks because all I can see is just this endless, echoing loneliness.

Frank Castle: I'm not lonely, Karen.

Karen Page: Bullshit. We are all lonely. I sometimes think that that is all that life is, we're just... We're just fighting not to be alone.

Frank Castle: So what do you want? What should I do? Should I let it go?

Karen Page: No, but I want there to be an after. For you.

Karen Page: Hey, when am I gonna see you?

Frank Castle: You want to?

Karen Page: It'd mean you're still alive. Believe it or not, I actually care what happens to you... which makes precisely one of us. Just, uh... be careful.

Foggy Nelson: Matt bangs his cane around and says, "Am I in the right room?"

Karen Page: Where did you put his furniture?

Foggy Nelson: Dorm room across the hall.

Karen Page: Oh, God! Oh, I really wish I knew you guys back then.

Foggy Nelson: They're gonna shark attack me, Matt. Look at me, I'm delicious.

Matt Murdock: Well, take Karen.

Foggy Nelson: I mean, yeah, if she wants to.

Karen Page: Oh... sure. Never seen sharks feed up close before.

Matt Murdock: Try not to splash too much. It attracts 'em.

Foggy Nelson: You both are so funny.

Foggy Nelson: Jesus. What happened to your eye?

Karen Page: Oh. Are you okay?

Matt Murdock: Yeah. Yeah, I'm fine. I just wasn't paying attention last night. It's my fault.

Foggy Nelson: You need a dog.

Matt Murdock: I'm not getting a dog.

Foggy Nelson: What? You don't like dogs? Who doesn't like dogs?

Karen Page: I... I love dogs.

Foggy Nelson: Everybody loves dogs.


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