Johnny Lawrence: Those are my only photos. Don’t have much after high school.

Miguel Diaz: Oh, OK, um… Do you have any where you’re wearing a shirt maybe?

Johnny Lawrence: Yes. Here you go. How’s that? (hands him a photo in ripped up tank top)

Miguel Diaz: OK. Uh, that’s, um… You know, we’re probably just better off going with some new photos.

Johnny Lawrence: Yeah, like present day?

Miguel Diaz: Mmm.

Johnny Lawrence: Not sure I want you to grease me up right now. Baby oil gets over everything.

Miguel Diaz: I’m not gonna grease y… I was just thinking maybe we could go with something more contemporary. Yeah?

From Cobra Kai – Season 3 Episode 6: ‘King Cobra’ (3×06) | Produced by Netflix