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John Kreese (to Johnny): I thought there was still hope for you. (starts to choke Johnny) This isn't how I wanted this to end.

(Daniel show up, kicking Kreese and saving Johnny)

Daniel LaRusso: You sent them to my house!? You came after my daughter. You wanted a fight, you son of a b*tch? You got one! (notices Robby on the floor) Robby?

John Kreese: I told you... this was inevitable. You can't keep up this "defense only" sh*t forever.

Daniel LaRusso: Good thing I don't have to.

John Kreese: Time for you and Miyagi to reunite!

(Daniel remembers what Chozen has told him...):

"If an enemy insists on war, then you take away their ability to wage it." - Chozen

(Daniel uses the pressure points to make Kreese's limb to go numb and is ready to finish him...)

Sam LaRusso: Dad! (Sam and Miguel show up)

Daniel LaRusso: You keep your Cobra Kais away from our kids!

John Kreese: It's a free country.

Johnny Lawrence: Not for you. Cobra Kai's gotta go. For good.

John Kreese: Why don't we settle this the old-fashioned way? Tournament. If we lose... I go. If you lose...

Johnny Lawrence: We won't lose.

Ali Mills: This is exactly the problem. You say one thing, you say the opposite. You both think there's only one side to the story.

Johnny Lawrence: I know. There's two.

Ali Mills: No, there's three. There's your side, and your side, and then there is the truth. And the truth is, you guys are more alike that you want to admit. Maybe you recognize parts of yourselves in each other, and maybe you don't always like what you see.

Johnny Lawrence: I guess it's possible some small part of all of this is my fault.

Daniel LaRusso: Yeah. Me too.

Ali Mills: Point Mills! Winner!

Daniel LaRusso: Well, since the match is over and we have a new champ, I guess... it's time for me to go.

Daniel LaRusso: I know it's been a while since our last class. After the fight at the school, I wasn't sure Miyagi-Do should stay open. But things have gotten worse since we shut down. That's why we're back. The only way to stop Cobra Kai is if we all work together. But always remember, the reason we learn karate is...

Johnny Lawrence: To show the world that you're not a bunch of pansy-a$$ nerds! We're gonna show 'em that you're tough! Because eagles don't get sh*t on. They're the ones that do the sh*tting. Just don't forget, being a badass doesn't mean being an a**hole. The goal isn't to hurt other kids. The goal is to...

John Kreese: Win at all costs. Those we thought to be our allies have turned against us. Now our enemies are attacking us from all sides. There is no turning back. Now is the time to show them...

Daniel LaRusso: Forgiveness. Compassion. Mr. Miyagi used to say if you're looking for revenge, you could start by digging two graves. He was right. If you have hate in your heart, then you've already lost. I know it's not easy, but you have to do whatever you can...

Johnny Lawrence: To beat the living crap out of 'em. Don't let 'em push you around. You gotta swoop down like an eagle, grab 'em with your claws, and sink your fangs into 'em. But I don't ever want you to start the fight. I just want you to...

John Kreese: Finish it. For good. Do I make myself clear?

(At school Johnny comes across a kid with books in his hands and knocks the books on the floor...)

Johnny Lawrence: Sorry, kid. Old habit.

Hawk: The truth is, you bailed on us long before that fight happened. You got soft. And we paid the price.

Johnny Lawrence: You listen up. When you came to my dojo, you were softer than a baby's a$$. I made you what you are, not Kreese. He doesn't give a sh*t about you. About any of you. If you wanna keep whining about the past like a bunch of p*ssies, fine. We can play that game. Wanna stick with Kreese? Go ahead. Don't say I didn't warn you when your life ends up in the sh*tter. Or you could sack up and join my dojo. Havenhurst and Magnolia, tomorrow at 4:00. If you wanna save yourselves, train the right way... you better be there. And don't be late!

(Johnny is looking at rental places to have the new dojo in...)

Johnny Lawrence: You're telling me this place is free?

Man: Yeah.

Johnny Lawrence: Totally free, no strings attached?

Man: Yeah, it's free.

Johnny Lawrence: So I can do karate here? All the way from that trash can all the way to that tree?

Man: You can do whatever you want. It's a public park. Can I get back to my family now?

(Johnny keeps checking Facebook to see if Ali answered...)

Johnny Lawrence: How long do Facebook messages take to get delivered? Ali lives in Colorado, so probably a while.

Miguel Diaz: It's instantaneous.

(Johnny is writing a Facebook message to Ali. She asked what he's been up to...)

Johnny Lawrence: "Ali. You're right. It's crazy how things change. For a long time, I didn't have much direction in my life. But then, things got better. I met a kid who needed some help. So I got back into karate, became a sensei. There were ups and downs. I even gave up for a while. But I can't give up anymore. I have a long way to go to be a better man, a better father, a better teacher. But I can make a difference in these kids' lives. It's a tough world out there, and I can help them be ready for it. That's what I've been up to. That's who I am. I'm a sensei." Nah, too long.

(Deletes the message and writes: "Not much, u?")

Miguel Diaz: First we need to get some pictures. Do you have any photos?

Johnny Lawrence: Yeah, photos? Yeah, don't move. (laughs) I said "don't move!"

(Miguel questions Johnny about the long message he has unsent on Facebook...)

Miguel Diaz: Ali? Like, the Ali? This is huge. This is huge! This is so... But I mean, you're not gonna send that, right? You cannot send her that message.

Johnny Lawrence: Why not?

Miguel Diaz: Because it's, like, 80 pages. In all caps.

Johnny Lawrence: I have 35 years' worth of stuff to say, all right?

Miguel Diaz: OK, yeah, yeah. Yeah. But shorter messages are way cooler. Like, this just looks desperate. And a little creepy. Sending her this would be like if you... like if you liked all of her photos. Oh, no. Oh, no!

Johnny Lawrence: What the hell, man? I enjoyed the photos! And there's a button for that, why wouldn't I click it?

Johnny Lawrence: You think tapping your foot at a concert makes you ready for badass training? Your legs are still p*ssies! Now, you ready to stand?

Miguel Diaz: Yes.

Johnny Lawrence: OK. One, two... three, go. (Miguel falls) All right. Better fall that time. Let's take five.

Johnny Lawrence: Now go get it.

Miguel Diaz: Yes, Sensei.

Johnny Lawrence: You got this. That's it.

Miguel Diaz: Come on! Come on! OK.

(Miguel falls off the bed...)

Johnny Lawrence: Oh, sh*t... It's all right. You fell like a champ. Nurse!

(Miguel can't reach his phone...)

Johnny Lawrence: Want the phone?

Miguel Diaz: Yes.

(Johnny pushes it futher away from Miguel...)

Johnny Lawrence: Go get it.

Miguel Diaz: I can't walk. Even with the surgery I might never be able to...

Johnny Lawrence: Quiet! "Never," "can't..." Those are just words they're meaningless. Time to get out of bed and do something. You're not a kid anymore. The world won't hand it to you. You want something, you'll have to crawl across the floor, use your damn teeth if you have to. You'll do whatever it takes. And I'll always be right here next to you. 'Cause I'll always be your teacher. Now go get it.

Miguel Diaz: Yes, Sensei.

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