Cassian Andor: You just walk in like you belong.

Luthen Rael: Takes more than that, doesn’t it?

Cassian Andor: What? To steal from the Empire? What do you need? A uniform, some dirty hands and an Imperial tool kit. They’re so proud of themselves, they don’t even care. They’re so fat and satisfied, they can’t imagine it.

Luthen Rael: Can’t imagine what?

Cassian Andor: That someone like me would ever get inside their house, walk their floors, spit in their food, take their gear.

Luthen Rael: The arrogance is remarkable, isn’t it? They don’t even think about us.

This quote comes from a TV series Andor. The scene where this moment comes from is from Season 1 Episode 3, with the title of ‘Reckoning’ (1×03). The show is a part of the Star Wars Universe. | The show is produced by Lucasfilm and Disney+