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Cassian Andor: You came here to kill me, didn't you?

Luthen Rael: You don't make it easy.

Cassian Andor: I will now. (Luthen picks up Cassians' blaster he put down)

Luthen Rael: What game is this?

Cassian Andor: No game. Kill me. Or take me in.

Luthen Rael (about the ISB and Cassian): They'll do the hunting for us. They'll want him alive. They'll find him, we'll kill him.

Luthen Rael: I didn't want you to have to make this choice.

Saw Gerrera: Thirty men.

Luthen Rael: Plus Kreegyr.

Saw Gerrera: For the greater good.

Luthen Rael: Call it what you will.

Saw Gerrera: Let's call it war.

Lonni Jung: And what do you sacrifice?

Luthen Rael: Calm. Kindness. Kinship. Love. I've given up all chance at inner peace. I've made my mind a sunless space. I share my dreams with ghosts. I wake up every day to an equation I wrote 15 years ago from which there's only one conclusion, I'm damned for what I do. My anger, my ego, my unwillingness to yield, my eagerness to fight, they've set me on a path from which there is no escape. I yearned to be a savior against injustice without contemplating the cost and by the time I looked down there was no longer any ground beneath my feet. What is my sacrifice? I'm condemned to use the tools of my enemy to defeat them. I burn my decency for someone else's future. I burn my life to make a sunrise that I know I'll never see. And the ego that started this fight will never have a mirror or an audience or the light of gratitude. So what do I sacrifice? Everything! You'll stay with me, Lonni. I need all the heroes I can get.

Lonni Jung: My sacrifice? It means nothing to you, does it?

Luthen Rael: I said I think of you constantly and I do. Your investment in the Rebellion is epic. A double life? Every day a performance? The stress of that? We need heroes, Lonni, and here you are.

Lonni Jung: If Kreegyr attacks, they'll be waiting.

Luthen Rael: And if he doesn't, they'll know something's amiss.

Lonni Jung: They'll be slaughtered.

Luthen Rael: It's 50 men. You're worth more than that.

Saw Gerrera: I am the only one with clarity of purpose.

Luthen Rael (laughs): Well, anarchy is a seductive concept. A bit of a luxury I'd argue to a man who is hiding in cold caves, and begging for spare parts.

Saw Gerrera: What are you, Luthen? I've never really known. What are you?

Luthen Rael: I'm a coward. I'm a man who's terrified the Empire's power will grow beyond the point where we can do anything to stop it. I'm the one who says, "We'll die with nothing if we don't put aside our petty differences."

Luthen Rael (to Saw Gerra): We need the Empire to help. We need them angry. We need them coming down hard. Oppression breeds rebellion.

Luthen Rael (to Saw Gerra): We need to pull together, Saw! Whatever our final version of success looks like, there's no chance any of us can make it real on our own.

Saw Gerrera: Aren't you tired of playing behind the scenes, Luthen?

Luthen Rael: Aren't you tired of fighting with people who agree with you?

Mon Mothma: You realize what you've set in motion?

Luthen Rael: It was time for that as well.

Mon Mothma: Palpatine won't hesitate now.

Luthen Rael: Exactly! We need it. We need the fear. We need them to overreact.

Mon Mothma: You can't be serious.

Luthen Rael: The Empire has been choking us so slowly, we're starting not to notice. The time has come to force their hand.

Mon Mothma: People will suffer.

Luthen Rael: That's the plan.

Kleya Marki: It'll all be over this time tomorrow.

Luthen Rael: Or it'll just be starting.

Kleya Marki: Or that.

Luthen Rael: Take this. It's a down payment. It's a Kuati Signet. Blue kyber. Sky stone. The ancient world. Celebrates the uprising against the Rakatan invaders. Don't take less than 50,000 for it. Just know it will always be worth more to me. I want it back when this is over.

Cassian Andor: If I live.

Luthen Rael: I want it back.

Luthen Rael (to Cassian): I didn't risk my a$$ for the Star path unit. I came for you.

Character from Star Wars Universe

Star Wars Quotes

Star Wars Quotes

You can find Luthen Rael in the TV series Andor.

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Luthen Rael Quotes from Star Wars


Luthen Rael works as an antique dealer on Coruscant. In secret he is a Rebel working with senator Mon Mothma and his assistant Kleya Marki against the Empire.

Luthen Rael is played by the actor Stellan Skarsgård.


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