Sister Maggie: Matt was a tough one when he was a kid. He held the record for the most Hail Marys, five years running.

Karen Page: Hmm. I wonder how many he’d have to say these days.

Sister Maggie: He came to us right after he lost his father. His only family. He was alone in the world. In his private darkness. Surrounded by strangers. Yet he seemed fine during the day. He’d eat with the others… attend his classes, go to mass. But he was plagued by awful nightmares. He’d wake in a sweat, screaming. He didn’t say what they were about. He’d just call out for help. So I’d go, and I’d hold his hand till he fell back asleep. But I have so many children under my care. Matthew wasn’t the only one. His nightmares went on for months. One night, Matthew called for help and I didn’t answer. I didn’t go to him. He never asked us for anything again. He shut us out. Shut everyone out. Everyone in Matthew’s life abandoned him. Including me. When someone in need tries to push you away… you have to find the strength to hold on tighter.

From Daredevil – Season 3 Episode 6: ‘The Devil You Know’ (3×06)