(Kincaid is driving, Bryce is on the phone with Amelia…)

Michael Bryce: Amelia. Just want to say that…

(Kincaid gets invested in the phonecall and starts to whisper the right answer to Bryce)

Darius Kincaid: I… love… you.

(As Kincaid didn’t watch the road, they crash and Bryce flies through the windshield)

Michael Bryce: Jesus Christ! Really?

Darius Kincaid: What happened to the seatbelt rule?

From The Hitman’s Bodyguard (2017) | Produced by Lionsgate & Millennium Media


Quote References & Callbacks

Bryce says “put your seatbelt on” to Kincaid multiple times during the movie, this time he forgets to put it on.