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(Kincaid's peptalk to Bryce...)

Darius Kincaid: Now repeat after me. I'm unlicensed.

Michael Bryce: I'm unlicensed, and that's terrible.

(Kincaid hits him)

Darius Kincaid: Louder!

Michael Bryce: I'm unlicensed and I don't give a...!

Darius Kincaid: Now let's go do what we do and blow some things up.

Darius Kincaid: I'll do my thing. You know when I want some sh*t to pop, it pops. Like that shot through that tittie-small window on Kurosawa's plane.

Michael Bryce: That's enough. Okay, that's enough out of you.

Darius Kincaid: Show me the face you made when that sh*t went down.

Michael Bryce: That still stings.

Darius Kincaid: I know you wasn't expecting that sh*t to happen.

Michael Bryce: Yeah, I was expecting you to blow my client's head off.

Darius Kincaid: Did you have that Home Alone face thingy, like...?

Darius Kincaid: You're welcome.

Michael Bryce: For what?

Darius Kincaid: I got you a front row seat to the Roussel show, and I got you that all-access backstage pass to that a$$ you've been wanting so bad.

Michael Bryce: You did what?

Darius Kincaid: You jumped out of the car, I gave her the 411 on you.

Michael Bryce: I didn't jump out of the... I went through the f**king windshield.

Darius Kincaid: Oh, semantics.

Vladislav Dukhovich (laughs): The look on your face. You're so proud. Darius Kincaid, about to be a hero, save the day. None of that matters. There is no redemption, no atonement for a man like you. Your whole life has been but a trail of corpses, and I will be just another dead body on the pile! Go ahead! Finish me! But don't think for a moment it will change what you are.

Darius Kincaid (laughs): I don't give a f*ck about all of that! You f*cked up when you shot my bodyguard.

Vladislav Dukhovich: Who?

(Kincaid kicks him off the ledge...)

Darius Kincaid (to Bryce): Women don't like to be forgiven for sh*t 'cause that implies they did some sh*t to begin with.

Darius Kincaid: Question for a higher power. Who is more wicked, he who kills evil motherf*ckers or he who protects them?

Darius Kincaid (about Sonia): When she severed that dude's carotid artery with a beer bottle, I knew. I knew right then. We slow danced all night.

Michael Bryce: She sounds like she's gonna make a good mother someday.

Michael Bryce: Why is everything always about love with you?

Darius Kincaid: Well, what else is there? I mean, take away the guns, the money, the travel, the perfect shot through a motherf*cker's earhole from 300 meters. I mean, none of that sh*t means d*ck if I can't tell Sonia about it.

Michael Bryce: Well, I guess Amelia's just not as special as Sonia. She sounds great.

Darius Kincaid: What, she cheat on you?

Michael Bryce: No.

Darius Kincaid: Try to kill you?

Michael Bryce: No.

Darius Kincaid: 'Cause Sonia chopped off part of my ear with a machete one time. She sewed it back on, but... it was two, three days before our sh*t got real again.

Darius Kincaid: Bryce, you cannot be prepared for everything! Life is gonna bloody us up, okay? You just gotta put a Band-Aid on that sh*t and keep rolling!

Darius Kincaid: You never even took one for a client?

Michael Bryce: Nope. Never had to.

Darius Kincaid: Yeah, but the question is, would you? See, if I'm paying Triple-A rates, then I'm looking for that full-service sh*t, you know what I'm saying? That extra "A" stands for "a$$," yours, between mine and a bullet.

Darius Kincaid: If you hear the shot, it wasn't meant for you.

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