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(R2D2 tells Peli Motto what Baby Yoda's name is...)

Peli Motto (to Grogu): Grogu? Whoa! That's a terrible name. Sorry about that, pal. No way am I calling you that.

(X-wing shows up at Peli Motto's hangar with Baby Yoda sitting inside...)

Peli Motto (to Grogu): Well, look who it is! Aw! Did they teach you how to fly an X-wing already? (one of her droids speaks up) I know an astromech flew the ship.

(Din starts his new ship...)

Din Djarin: Shouldn't we run a diagnostic first?

Peli Motto: Nah! I can hear her! She's purring! Send her up!

(Jawas bring the part Din asked for...)

Din Djarin: That was fast.

Peli Motto: These critters could find a skud in a krill pond. Will that do?

Din Djarin: Where did they get a cryogenic density combustion booster?

Peli Motto: Do you really wanna know?

Din Djarin: Sure.

(Peli Motto asks them in Jawaese and the Jawas respond.)

Peli Motto: I got it. They said they crawled under a Pyke spice runner and crimped it off while they were refueling.

Din Djarin: Gutsy little fellas.

Peli Motto (to Din): You hit this button, you're gonna evacuate your exhaust manifold, if you know what I mean.

Peli Motto: I dated a Jawa. I know what I'm doing, right?

(One of the Jawas says something in Jawaese)

Peli Motto: Oh, that's okay. I'm working on me right now. Just go find the parts. (to Din): Furry.

Peli Motto (to Din): It's brand-new. Well, Jawa new.

Peli Motto: Where is your unlikely companion?

Din Djarin: I returned him to his own kind.

Peli Motto: Why the hell would you do that? I could've made good money off that thing. Open a petting zoo.

(Din Djarin gives Peli Motto money for the new ship...)

Peli Motto (to Din): Mind if I count it? Not that I don't trust you. I just wanna make sure you don't give me too much.

Peli Motto (to her droids): All right. Hey, hey, hey! Sorry, gang. Come on. You know he doesn't like droids.

Din Djarin: May as well let them have at it. The Crest needs a good once-over.

Peli Motto: Oh! So he likes droids now. Well, you heard him. Give it a once-over.

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