Richard Webber (to Alex and April): You two think you were any better than them? Karev, you scraped in by the skin of your teeth thanks to an essay you wrote on testicular cancer… that I have since found was a lie! Kepner, you failed your boards and got fired… twice! I raised you two. I grew you into the surgeons you are now. So you don’t get to tell me who I will and won’t teach and how I should or shouldn’t do it! Now, I will thank you to walk away.

(Alex and April leave, Bailey comes for high five)

Richard Webber (to Bailey): Minnick’s sub-I’s can’t be taught! They weren’t meant to be surgeons. I’m not sure they were meant to be doctors. Maybe they can be researchers in some lab, and even that’s questionable!

From Grey’s Anatomy: Season 14 Episode 1: ‘Break Down the House’ (14×01)