Kanan Jarrus (to Hera): We’re running a 22-Pickup.

Ezra Bridger: 22-Pickup? Care to let me in on the secret?

Kanan Jarrus: Kid, I’m about to let everyone in on the secret. (ignites his lightsaber)

Agent Kallus: All troopers, focus your fire on… On the Jedi.

This quote comes from a TV series Star Wars Rebels. The scene where this moment comes from is in Season 1 Episode 2, with the title of ‘Spark of Rebellion: Part 2’ (1×02). The show is a part of the Star Wars Universe. | Star Wars Rebels is produced by Lucasfilm



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“22-Pickup” meaning: 22 Pickup referred to a tactic where the Rebels would hide themselves inside a cargo container, which would be retrieved by magnetic force of the ship. The crew of the Ghost executed a 22 Pickup as part of their mission to liberate Wookiee captives from the Spice Mines of Kessel (Rebels, Season 1 Episode 2).