(Kate’s comments on Hawkeye’s arrows, Clint’s hearing aid is broken, so he probably hasn’t really heard any)

Kate Bishop:

(Purple stuff explodes all over the cars windshield where Kate shot the arrow)

Play-Doh arrow?

(Kate shoots another arrow that makes a van explode)

Holy… There are four arrows more dangerous than that one?

(Kate shoots another arrow at random and it just sticks to the car’s windshield)

A plunger arrow? What is the trick? That it’s completely useless?

(Next arrow she chooses, pulls everything in its vicinity towards it with strings)

Please be a good one. Please be a good one. What the hell is that one called?

(Clint gives Kate the last arrow…)

A USB arrow? What am I supposed to do with this? God, I hope he’s got a dongle arrow to make this useful.

(to Maya and rest of the tracksuit mafia): Don’t move! You do not wanna see what this arrow does! Trust me.

(Clint uses the plunger arrow to hold on to a moving train)

Now I get the whole plunger arrow thing.

From Hawkeye: Season 1 Episode 3: ‘Echoes’ (1×03) | Produced by Marvel Studios (Disney+)