Tony Stark: Am I making you uncomfortable?

Pepper Potts: No. No. I always forget to wear deodorant and dance with my boss in front of everyone that I work with in a dress with no back.

Tony Stark: You look great and you smell great.

Pepper Potts: Oh, God.

Tony Stark: But I could fire you if that would take the edge off.

Pepper Potts: I actually don’t think that you could tie your shoes without me.

Tony Stark: I’d make it a week.

Pepper Potts: Really? What’s your Social Security number?

Tony Stark: Five.

Pepper Potts: Five? Right. You’re missing just a couple of digits there.

Tony Stark: The other eight? So I got you for the other eight.

From the movie Iron Man (2008) | Produced by Marvel Studios