Jenny: You should probably call your office and let them know you’re gonna be gone for a few days.

Paul Stadler: That’s my girl.

Jenny: Or, like, 10 to 20 years.

Paul Stadler: What?

Jenny: I’m gonna talk to the police, Paul. I’m gonna tell them every time you ever hurt me. Every kick, every slap. You put your hands around my throat last night, so that’s not just domestic violence. That’s attempted murder.

Paul Stadler: You sound crazy. Jenny, I’m the well-known physician, and you’re… nobody. All you’re gonna do is throw your career in the garbage. No one’s gonna hire someone they don’t trust.

Jenny: No, I’m not gonna let you scare me into backing down again.

Paul Stadler: Scare you? I’m the one who should be scared. You’re threatening me in a hospital bed. I-I’m defenseless. Please. Can we just talk?

Jenny: Some very broken part of me still loves you, Paul, but let me be very clear… I am never speaking to you again unless it’s from a witness stand.

Paul Stadler: You stupid b*tch. You’re not going to the police! You’re not walking out on me!

(Paul charges at her, but falls, hits his head and ends up unconscious)

From Grey’s Anatomy: Season 14 Episode 10: ‘Personal Jesus’ (14×10)