Nathan Brown: Don’t you ever want to just run across the water and pet that duck?

Nora Antony: You know you can walk on water whenever you want, right? You’re in heaven, dude. Just ask for these things.

Nathan Brown: For real?

Nora Antony: All I have to do is hit a button.

Nathan Brown: Hit the button.

(Nathan steps into the lake and sinks immediatelly, Nora laughs)

Nora Antony: You were so confident!


Nora Antony: Come on. (walks on the water)

Nathan Brown: Oh… No way.

Nora Antony: I think you’ve earned it.

Nathan Brown: Uh, yeah, yeah. Let’s go.

(Nathan steps in the lake and falls in again…)

Nora Antony (laughing): I can’t believe you fell for it again.

Nathan Brown: I can’t believe you lied to me again.

Nora Antony (laughing): Aw.

Nathan Brown: I trusted you. Unbelievable.

From Upload – Season 1 Episode 8: ‘Shopping Other Digital After-Lives’ (1×08) | Produced by Amazon Studios