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Luke Castellan: So, Ares, huh? What was that like?

Percy Jackson: Well... compared to the Chimera on Monday and Medusa on Sunday, could have been a lot worse.

Annabeth Chase: Medusa was Saturday.

Percy Jackson: I thought Sunday.

Annabeth Chase: No monsters on Sunday. Monday, you died in the river.

Percy Jackson: Right. So, Medusa on Saturday.

Luke Castellan: Guys, what is this?

Percy and Annabeth (at the same time): What?

Luke Castellan: When did you turn into an old married couple?

Hephaestus: I know your mother was displeased with you recently. We both know how she gets. But this was a lot. Even for her. You walk outta here with that shield… and you're a hero. On your way to the greatest glory. She'll be proud and you will be forgiven, and all will go back to being as it always has been, always will be... as it should be.

Annabeth Chase: It isn't how it should be! It isn't! Eat or be eaten. Power and glory and nothing else matters. Ares is that way, Zeus is that way, my mother is that way. (about Percy): He isn't that way. He's better than that. Maybe I was that way once. But I don't wanna be that way anymore. I won't be like all of you. I just won't.

Hephaestus: Some of us don't like being that way either.

Percy Jackson: My mom told me these stories all the time. I remember this. She said...

Annabeth Chase: What?

Percy Jackson: She said this is what the gods are like to each other. This is the kind of family they are.

Annabeth Chase: Why didn't you wanna say that just now?

Percy Jackson: She was trying to keep me away from you guys. Maybe you were right. Maybe she should have been preparing me better.

Annabeth Chase: Maybe she was preparing you. So when you got to us, you'd be different than this.

Annabeth Chase (to Percy): The Oracle didn't say the quest would fail. "Fail to save what matters most." That could mean a lot of things. That's how prophecies work, that's how fate works. It could mean a lot of things. The harder you work to understand, the harder it gets to understand. Sometimes, you've just gotta let it come to you when it's ready.

Annabeth Chase (to Percy): For a while, I was treated like a gift. My father cared for me. He loved me. I knew it. Then he met a woman. They had their own kids. And to her, I--I wasn't a gift. I was a problem. So I left. I was seven. It isn't the gods who think that way. It's everybody. But at least with the gods you know the rules. Show them respect and they'll be in your corner, no matter what.

Annabeth Chase (to Percy): Do you wanna know how I ended up alone on the road in the first place? I started out as a gift to my father. That's how it works with Athena. We're born from a thought in her mind, and then given to a partner she feels connected to.

(Percy plans to send Medusa's head to Olympus)

Annabeth Chase: They will see this as impertinent.

Percy Jackson: I am impertinent.

Annabeth Chase: Yes, but we're not.

Grover Underwood: Really, very not.

Annabeth Chase: My mother is just, always.

Medusa: The gods want you to believe that, that they are infallible. But they only want what all bullies want. They want us to blame ourselves for their own shortcomings.

Annabeth Chase (to Percy): You aren't just a kid. "Just a kid" doesn't do what you did to Clarisse back at camp. "Just a kid" doesn't have Hades sending top lieutenants to retrieve them. You know, you are a part of something so much bigger than we can understand right now. We have to move forward, whether you like it or not, whether you want to or not.

Annabeth Chase (to Percy): We were sent on a quest by the Oracle, by the gods. What'd you think, it would be easy? It's supposed to be hard. That's why only certain people are chosen.

Percy Jackson: I wanna vote. Who thinks that we should all go get to breathe fresh air and buy our own snacks?

Annabeth Chase: There's no voting. Chips and sodas okay for you guys?

Percy Jackson: I don't think you should just get to decide we don't vote.

Annabeth Chase: I'm sorry to hear that.

Percy Jackson: Okay. I wanna vote on whether you get to decide we don't vote.

Annabeth Chase: Grover, please, can you help your... (Grover starts clapping a melody) friend?

Grover Underwood: I really don't wanna be a tiebreaker. I have a better idea. (starts singing...)

Oh, golly, the road's gettin' bumpy

'cause I got me some friends

who just can't get along

Oh, dear! When the team's gettin' grumpy

the trick to gettin' through it

is singin' this song-

Percy Jackson: Dude, what are you doing?

Grover Underwood: It's the consensus song. Verse two encourages us to say nice things about each other. You get a few rounds in and you'd be amazed at how disagreements just kind of... fade away.

Annabeth Chase: Chips and sodas okay for you guys?

Percy Jackson: Whatever.

Grover Underwood: Yes, please.

Annabeth Chase: Okay. (leaves)

Percy Jackson (to Grover): Our voting system's broken.

Percy Jackson: The most powerful being in the universe's best idea to save his daughter's life... was to turn her into a tree?

Annabeth Chase: She was the bravest demigod I ever knew. She fought valiantly, and she met a hero's fate.

Percy Jackson: She met a pinecone's fate.

Percy Jackson: I'm fine, thanks. But I appreciate you, you know, standing there silently. Listen, I--I get it. Okay. Y--You're better at this than me, but I need this to go well today. I can't really get into it, but I need my father to see it go well. So, if you're gonna expect me to know how to do something I don't know how to do... and I end up falling flat on my face, I--I can't really have that right now.

Annabeth Chase: You still don't get where you fit into all this, do you? Game on. (puts on her hat and disappears)

Percy Jackson: Wait, what?

Annabeth Chase: Gift from my mom. Don't worry, you'll do great.

Percy Jackson: Do great? Do what great?

Annabeth Chase is a character from Percy Jackson and the Olympians

Percy Jackson and the Olympians Quotes

Percy Jackson and the Olympians Quotes

Annabeth Chase is a central character in the ‘Percy Jackson & the Olympians’ series written by Rick Riordan. She is a demigod, the daughter of the Greek goddess Athena, the goddess of wisdom and warfare, and a mortal man. Annabeth is known for her intelligence, strategic thinking, and skill in combat.

Annabeth becomes one of Percy Jackson’s closest friends and allies throughout the series. The two share a deep bond and go on various quests together to prevent calamities in the world of Greek mythology. Over time, their relationship evolves, and they develop romantic feelings for each other.

In the Disney+ series named after the novels ‘Percy Jackson and the Olympians’ Annabeth is played by the actress Leah Jeffries.

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