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(Animals, they've just rescued, are on the street disrupting traffic...)

Percy Jackson: This seems dangerous.

Grover Underwood: Oh. They'll be totally fine. I gave them a Satyr's blessing, so they'll be able to reach the wilderness safely.

Percy Jackson: I meant for the people.

Grover Underwood: Oh... Them. Well, I mean, I'm sure they'll... Yeah, I don't know. But the animals are all set.

Grover Underwood: Was she always like that?

Ares: Who?

Grover Underwood: Your sister. Athena.

Ares: What do you mean?

Grover Underwood: Always making things more complicated than they need to be so people will think she's smarter than you.

Ares: Thank you! I can't be the only one who sees it, right?

Grover Underwood: No. Not at all.

Ares: It certainly feels that way sometimes. And seriously, she's the smart one? Really? If she's so smart, explain the owl. She talks to it, like, all the time. This fat, nasty little feathered rodent. And it's like her best friend. And we're so sure that she's a genius and I, no owl, am not?

Grover Underwood: Totally!

Ares: It's like people only see what they wanna see and ignore anything at all that doesn't fit the story they like to tell themselves.

Grover Underwood: Exactly!

Grover Underwood: So this isn't exactly what I meant. By choosing each other. There are actual dangers involved here that cannot be... (Percy starts clapping) You're gonna sing the song, aren't you?

(Percy plans to send Medusa's head to Olympus)

Annabeth Chase: They will see this as impertinent.

Percy Jackson: I am impertinent.

Annabeth Chase: Yes, but we're not.

Grover Underwood: Really, very not.

Grover Underwood (to Percy): Monsters can't be avoided entirely. They're more common than you think. The trick is to spot them first before they spot you.

Percy Jackson: I wanna vote. Who thinks that we should all go get to breathe fresh air and buy our own snacks?

Annabeth Chase: There's no voting. Chips and sodas okay for you guys?

Percy Jackson: I don't think you should just get to decide we don't vote.

Annabeth Chase: I'm sorry to hear that.

Percy Jackson: Okay. I wanna vote on whether you get to decide we don't vote.

Annabeth Chase: Grover, please, can you help your... (Grover starts clapping a melody) friend?

Grover Underwood: I really don't wanna be a tiebreaker. I have a better idea. (starts singing...)

Oh, golly, the road's gettin' bumpy

'cause I got me some friends

who just can't get along

Oh, dear! When the team's gettin' grumpy

the trick to gettin' through it

is singin' this song-

Percy Jackson: Dude, what are you doing?

Grover Underwood: It's the consensus song. Verse two encourages us to say nice things about each other. You get a few rounds in and you'd be amazed at how disagreements just kind of... fade away.

Annabeth Chase: Chips and sodas okay for you guys?

Percy Jackson: Whatever.

Grover Underwood: Yes, please.

Annabeth Chase: Okay. (leaves)

Percy Jackson (to Grover): Our voting system's broken.

Grover Underwood: So, who'd you choose to go with you?

Percy Jackson: You.

Grover Underwood: Funny. No, seriously, who'd you choose?

Percy Jackson: I chose you.

Grover Underwood: Why?

(Oracle: You shall be betrayed by the one who calls you friend, and fail to save what matters most in the end.)

Percy Jackson: I trust you. And... And, right now, nothing's more important than that.

(Grover walks in urgently, Percy notices his legs...)

Grover Underwood (to Sally): Okay, so something's coming...

Percy Jackson: Grover.

Grover Underwood (to Sally): ...and I know that sounds really bad...

Percy Jackson: Grover?

Grover Underwood (to Sally): ...but the important thing is not to panic.

Sally Jackson: I'm not panicking.

Percy Jackson: Grover!

Grover Underwood (to Sally): Great! I'm also definitely not panicking. I feel very good about how we're doing so far--

Percy Jackson: Grover!

Grover Underwood: What?

Percy Jackson: Grover, why is there half a goat in your pants?

Grover Underwood: Oh, it's... Oh! Oh, boy, she didn't tell you about... You didn't tell him about me?

Sally Jackson: You're early.

Grover Underwood: So the important thing is not to panic.

Grover Underwood is a character from Percy Jackson and the Olympians

Percy Jackson and the Olympians Quotes

Percy Jackson and the Olympians Quotes

Grover Underwood is a prominent character in the ‘Percy Jackson & the Olympians’ series by Rick Riordan. He is a satyr, a creature from Greek mythology with the upper body of a human and the lower body of a goat. Grover is introduced as Percy Jackson’s best friend and protector, with the responsibility of guiding and safeguarding Percy as he navigates the challenges of being a demigod.

As a satyr, Grover has a heightened sense of smell and a unique ability to detect the presence of monsters, which proves invaluable in their quests. He plays a crucial role in Percy’s adventures, accompanying him on various quests and helping him understand the complexities of the magical world they inhabit.

Grover is not related to Percy by blood but shares a deep bond of friendship and loyalty. His character brings humor to the series, often serving as comic relief with his quirky personality, love for nature, and his occasional encounters with mythological creatures. Grover’s character is endearing and memorable, contributing to the overall charm of the Percy Jackson series.

In the Disney+ series named after the novels ‘Percy Jackson and the Olympians’ Grover is played by the actor Aryan Simhadri.

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