As the dawn of the new year approaches, we’re excited to bring you a collection of inspiring letter board quotes and ideas that will infuse your spaces with positivity and enthusiasm.

Join us as we explore the art of using letter boards to convey the spirit of the new year through meaningful and uplifting messages.

You can find out what our absolute favorite New Year’s quotes are, if you check out the illustrational images in this article. We always pick the quotes we think are the best when making them.

The Perfect Short New Year Quotes for Your Message Board

In the world of letter boards, brevity often speaks volumes, and as we usher in the new year, we understand the importance of concise yet impactful messages.

Our collection of short new year quotes is tailor-made for your message board, offering a perfect blend of simplicity and significance.

New Year Letter Board Quotes - Quote about New Year: "Dear New Year, please be nice."
  • “Dear New Year, please be nice.”
  • “New Year, New Beginnings.”
  • “12 New Chapters, 365 New Pages.”
  • “[Year], please be more fun”
  • “And so the adventure begins”
  • “[Year], please be nice to everyone… Ok?”
  • “Here’s to a fresh start!”
  • “[Year]. New year, new chances, new memories, fresh start.”
  • “Celebrating the new year is better when we’re together.”
  • “3… 2… 1…”
  • “Happiest New Year ever!”
  • “[Year], there’s your cue. Make it a good one. Please and thank you.”
  • “Kiss me at midnight.”
  • “Let’s make a beautiful new beginning together.”
  • “Best year yet!”
  • “Here’s to making more memories in the coming year.”
  • “New Year’s wishes and champagne dreams.”
  • “[Year]… you’ll go down in history.”
  • “Have a safe and happy New Year!”
  • “Page 1 of 365. Chapter 1 of 12. 1 Epic story.”
  • “Celebrate the endings. They come with new beginnings.”
  • “Thank you for making this past year so special.”
  • “Here’s to new beginnings.”
  • “Let the countdown begin!”
  • “[Year] Survivor.”
  • “Let’s make some fireworks of our own.”
  • “Nice to meet you, [year]!”
  • “12 New Chapters, 365 New Chances.”
  • “Welcome aboard, [year]!”
  • “[Year] – The year of promise.”
  • “No matter what happens next year, we’re sticking together.”
  • “I hope you have a year full of laughter!”
  • “Looking forward to making more memories together in the new year.”
  • “Dear [year], I’m ready for ya.”
  • “Wishing You Peace, Love And Laughter In The New Year”
  • “Page 1 of 365.”
  • “Have a sparkling New Year!”
  • “Wishing you peace in the new year.”
  • “Is it [year] yet?”
New Year Letter Board Quotes - Quote about New Year: "365 New Days, 365 New Chances."
  • “365 New Days, 365 New Chances.”
  • “Oh, [year], what fun will ensue?”
  • “Heading into the new year hand-in-hand.”
  • “Lots of luck in the new year.”
  • “That’s so last year.”
  • “[Year] – Make Things Happen.”
  • “Tomorrow is the first page of a 365-page book. Write a good one!”
  • “May our new year be filled with love and cheer!”
  • “Here’s to a new year full of cheer.”
  • “There’s no one else I’d rather kiss at midnight.”
  • “It’s [year]… wahoo!”
  • “Oh, [year]. Please come through.”
  • “Here’s to a new year of getting into the same shenanigans together.”
  • “May the year ahead bring you good luck and happiness.”
  • “Just you, me and [year].”
  • “This is our year.”
  • “[Year] – Don’t do us like [year] did.”
  • “New year, same crew. Wouldn’t have it any other way.”
  • “Our lives. Our time. Our year!”
  • “Here’s to a new year.”
  • “Tomorrow is the first blank page of a 365 page book.”
  • “Wishing you health, wealth and happiness in the year ahead.”
  • “Let’s make memories that’ll take us into the new year.”
  • “New year, same pals.”
  • “Trust the magic of new beginnings.”
  • “Here’s to another year of fun and friendship!”
  • “With pals like you, the coming year is sure to be a good one.”

Sarcastic & Funny New Year Letter Board Quotes

Laughter is a universal language, and as we step into the new year, injecting a bit of humor into our lives is essential.

We’ve handpicked a selection of sarcastic and funny letter board quotes that will tickle your funny bone and add a touch of hilarity to your space.

Whether you appreciate clever wit, playful sarcasm, or outright jokes, these quotes are designed to bring a smile to your face and share the joy of the new year in a lighthearted manner.

New Year Letter Board Quotes - Quote about New Year: "Still working on last year's resolutions."
  • “Still working on last year’s resolutions.”
  • “New year, same me because I’m fabulous.”
  • “First rule of [year]: No one talks about [year].”
  • “Before I agree to [year], I need to see the terms and conditions.”
  • “New year, new me… For approximately 2 weeks.”
  • “Any Excuse To Wear Sequins.”
  • “[Year], you screwed up plenty.”
  • “Bring on the bubbly!”
  • “Here’s to another year doing the same old habits.”
  • “Last year is so last year.”
  • “New year, new—no.”
  • “May all your troubles last as long as your New Year’s resolutions.”
  • “Resolutions…who needs ‘em?”
  • “[Year]? I Don’t Know Him.”
  • “I haven’t been this excited about a new year since last year.”
  • “New year, old news!”
  • “But first, champagne”
  • “Oh, no no no come on in! We were just finishing [year]…”
  • “New Year, Who Dis?”
  • “[Year]. It came. It saw. It made things awkward.”
  • “Thank God that’s over.’ Said everyone about [year].”
  • “Let’s kick last year to the curb.”
  • “Wake me up for the ball drop.”
New Year Letter Board Quotes - Quote about New Year: "May all your troubles last as long as your resolutions."
  • “May all your troubles last as long as your resolutions.”
  • “They say a new year is a blank book, but I have writer’s block.”
  • “A thrill of hope. The weary world rejoices.”
  • “Here’s to pretending that everything will change when the year does!”
  • “We can start resolutions tomorrow…for tonight, we party!”
  • “I said this 365 days ago, but happy New Year!”
  • “Before I agree to a new year, I need to see some terms and conditions.”
  • “This year know your worth and don’t give discounts.”
  • “My goal for [year] was to lose 10 pounds. Only 15 to go.”
  • “Sometimes all we need is a fresh start. And champagne. Lots of champagne.”
  • “I’m ready for you, [year].”
  • “Brace yourself for another year.”
  • “We’re getting our sparkle on.”
  • “New Year? Can I see a trailer first?”
  • “Too perfect for resolutions.”
  • “It’s a New Year already? I was just getting used to the old one!”
  • “Cocktails in our hands. Confetti in our hair.”
  • “New year? I have to see the trailer first.”
  • “We pushed through [year]. In [year], let’s have some fun!”

🎆 Your letter board’s New Year resolution: Be the life of the party, even if it’s just standing in the corner with a bunch of witty quotes!

New Year Puns & Rhymes for Your Letter Board

Dive into a world of witty expressions, clever puns, and delightful rhymes that not only celebrate the new year but also showcase the power of language to entertain and amuse.

Let your letter board become a canvas for linguistic playfulness as we explore the art of incorporating humor and clever word choices into your new year messages.

New Year Letter Board Quotes - Quote about New Year: "Resolutions were made to be broken."
  • “Resolutions were made to be broken.”
  • “Here’s to making pour decisions tonight!”
  • “Just a New Year’s Eve looking for her New Year’s Steve.”
  • “A New Year’s resolution is something that goes in one year and out the other.”
  • “Breaking hearts and resolutions.”
  • “Happy you year.”
  • “Moo Year is a cow’s favorite day of the year.”
  • “Midnight Kisses & New Year’s Wishes.”
New Year Letter Board Quotes - Quote about New Year: "It's getting late. Let's Celebrate."
  • “It’s getting late. Let’s Celebrate.”
  • “I’m starting [year] with some pour decisions.”
  • “Have you ever noticed how Times Square always drops the ball?”
  • “I saw a ghost on January 1st. It wished me a Happy Boo Year.”
  • “Sip, Sip, Hooray!”
  • “If you got a 4k TV for Christmas, your New Year’s resolution is 3840 x 2160.”
  • “This is just the sip of the iceberg.”
  • “Dracula is famous for his ‘count down’.”

🎆 This New Year’s Eve, let your letter board do the talking—because resolutions are so last year; puns are in!

Motivational New Year Quotes to Put on Your Sign

As we embark on a new year, it’s the perfect time to set intentions, embrace challenges, and draw inspiration from within.

Our selection of motivational new year quotes is curated to encourage and uplift, empowering you to make anything you wish happen in the coming months.

Transform your letter board into a source of motivation and inspiration, reminding you of the limitless possibilities that come with starting anew.

New Year Letter Board Quotes - Quote about New Year: "Dream big in the new year."
  • “Dream big in the new year.”
  • “New year, new goals, new chances, same dreams, fresh start.”
  • “[Year] – Let’ do this.”
  • “Let’s live this year to the fullest.”
  • “The best is yet to come!”
  • “Focus. Inspired. Determined. [year].”
  • “New year, new journeys, new dreams, new habits, new adventures.”
  • “Let’s make the most of the next 365 days.”
  • “This is the beginning of anything you want.”
  • “Cheers to a new year and another chance for us to get it right.”
  • “Word of the year: Dream.”
New Year Letter Board Quotes - Quote about New Year: "A lot can change in a year. Keep going, dear."
  • “A lot can change in a year. Keep going, dear.”
  • “Make some magic in the new year.”
  • “This is your year to sparkle.”
  • “In [year], we’ll work hard and get it done”
  • “New year, new me.”
  • “May the coming year be an extraordinary one.”
  • “This one’s gonna be good.”
  • “In [year], work hard and have fun”
  • “This shall be a good year”
  • “May you accomplish all your goals in the coming year.”
  • “Let your dreams take flight in the year ahead.”

As we conclude this journey through letter board quotes for the new year, we want to extend our warmest wishes to you. May the coming year bring you joy, success, and fulfillment.

We hope you enjoy incorporating these quotes into your spaces, sharing the spirit of the season with those around you.

🎆 Happy New Year, and may the upcoming months be filled with moments of happiness, growth, and positive transformation.

PS: Did you manage to choose a quote for your letter board? Let us know in comments below, we’d love to know, which one was THE one for you!