(Alec gets Clary’s new Fearless rune…)

Alec Lightwood: Mother. Father. There’s something I have to tell you. I’m seeing someone.

Robert Lightwood: Alec, this is hardly the time.

Alec Lightwood: Yes, it is. This is important. You see, I’m not just seeing anyone. I’m seeing a Downworlder. In fact, I’m seeing a war…

(Magnus stops him with a spell, no one notices…)

Maryse Lightwood: Alec!

Alec Lightwood: Wha—what—why am I on the floor?

Izzy Lightwood: That’s a good question. What was that?

Alec Lightwood: What was what? Wait—did I say anything? Before I passed out, I mean.

Jace Herondale: You know how we were wondering if that thing Clary did would work or not? It works all right.

Alec Lightwood: What did I say?

Robert Lightwood: You said you were seeing someone. Though you weren’t clear as to why that was important.

Alec Lightwood: It’s not. I mean, I’m not seeing anyone. And it’s not important. Or it wouldn’t be if I was seeing someone, which I’m not.

Magnus Bane: Alec’s been delirious. Side effect of some demon toxins. Most unfortunate, but he’ll be fine soon.

From the book The Mortal Instruments: City of Ashes (Book Two) | Written by Cassandra Clare