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Alice: Why do humans hate us? We didn't do anything wrong...

Kara: Maybe it's a misunderstanding... Maybe they just need time to understand what we really are...

Alice: Why can't we just talk to each other?  They'd see we're not bad...

Kara: I don't know. I really don't know...

(Kara's made-up story for Alice)

Kara: This is a story about a little girl... Who was tired of being afraid. She dreamed of being like all the other little girls but... She was different. And that made her very sad. Then, she met a robot, who was just as lost as the little girl. So they decided to run away together. To find a place where they could be safe. They encountered great dangers along the way, but they stuck together, so they overcame all of them. Along the way, they met another robot who left his master to become their guardian.

Alice: How does the story end?

Kara: They reach the place they dream of and live happily ever after.

Alice: Stories always have happy endings. But real life isn't like that.

(Alice is lookin on a picture of a family)

Alice: Do you think we'll be like them some day?

Kara: Once we cross the border, we can start over. You can go to school. Maybe I'll find a job. We'll be like them. Like everyone else.

Alice: As long as we're together, that's all that matters.

Alice: You'll never leave me, right? Promise you'll never go!

Kara: I promise.

Alice: Will we be together forever?

Kara: Forever.

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