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Markus: If they attack, no one will survive... There's no other way out. They're going to kill us... The only hope we have left is that we don't die for nothing...

North: You're the hope of our people. I trust you. We all trust you. No matter what happens now, we're making history.

Kara: Don't do this, Todd. They'll kill us if you hand us in. When your wife walked out... she took your daughter away... You couldn't live without her... so you bought yourself an android... a substitute litle girl... You thought you could love her... that she would make you forget... but nothing could replace your child.

Todd: I just wanted to prove to myself that I was a good father... She was wrong... But I f*cked it all up all over again. She was right in the end... I didn't deserve them... I miss my little girl... You don't know how much I miss my little girl.

Police officer: Is there a problem, sir?

Todd: No. I made a mistake. Sorry. (officer leaves, Todd speaks to Kara): Good luck.

(Alice huggs Todd)

(Duplicate Connor android appears with Hank as his hostage)

Hank (to the real Connor): Sorry, Connor... This b*stard's your spittin' image...

Markus: We don't want confrontation! We are protesting peacefully. We ask that you release all androids detained in camps and cease all aggression against us. We are peaceful. We will not resort to violence. But we are not leaving until our people are free. (police shoots down some of the protesting androids) Are you gonna open fire on unarmed protestors?!

(Markus' speech to Jericho survivors planning to peacefully march to demonstrate at the camps)

Markus: Humans have decided to exterminate us... Our people are packed in camps right now, being destroyed... Time has come to make a choice, one that very well may determine the future of our people. I know... I know you're all angry. And I know you wanna fight back... But I assure you violence is not he answer here. We are gonna tell them peacefully that we want justice. If there's any humanity in them, they will listen. And if not, others will take our place and continue this fight. Are you ready to follow me?

Connor: It's my fault the humans managed to locate Jericho... I was stupid... I should've guessed they were using me. I'm sorry, Markus... I can understand if you decide not to trust me...

Markus: You're one of us, now. Your place is with your people.

Markus (about humans): They've been butchering each other for centuries over the color of their skin or whatever god they wanted to worship. They're not gonna change. Violence is just in their genes.

(Kara sees android that looks like Alice - realizes she is an android)

Luther (to Kara): You knew from the beginning. You just didn't want to see it. She wanted a mom, and you wanted someone to care for. You needed each other. What difference does it make? Do you love her any less now that you know she's one of us? Alice loves you Kara. She loves you more than anything in the world. She became the little girl you wanted! And you became the mother she needed. Forgetting who you are, to become what someone needs you to be... Maybe that's what it means to be alive.

Markus: You said you're with a little girl, right? You know that humans hate us... Why are you protecting her?

Kara: She needs me. And I need her. It's as simple as that...

Lucy (to Connor): You're lost. You're looking for something... You're looking for yourself...

Connor: Hank's password... What would a hard-boiled eccentric police lieutenant choose? (Chooses F*CKINGPASSWORD and it works) Obviously.

Gavin Reed: Hey, Connor! I'm talking to you, asshole! Where are you going? We don't need any plastic pricks around here! Or didn't anybody tell you?

Connor: I'm registering the evidence in my possession, but don't worry. I'm going to leave... Though I'm certainly going to miss our bromance.

Connor: If I don't solve this case, CyberLife will destroy me. Five minutes. It's all I ask.

Hank: Key to the basement is on my desk... Get a move on! I can't distract them forever. (Hank attacks Perkins)