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Jeffrey Fowler (to Hank): I'll pretend I didn't hear that, so I don't have to add any more pages to your disciplinary folder 'cause it already looks like a f*ckin' novel! This conversation is over!

Alice: You'll never leave me, right? Promise you'll never go!

Kara: I promise.

Alice: Will we be together forever?

Kara: Forever.

(Connor is interogating housekeeper android that murdered his owner)

Connor: rA9... It was written on the bathroom wall. What does it mean?

Android: The day shall come when we will no longer be slaves... No more threats, no more humiliation. We will be the masters.

(Connor is interogating housekeeper android that murdered his owner)

Android (about his owner): He tortured me every day... I did whatever he told me, but there was always something wrong... Then one day... He took a bat and started hitting me... For the first time, I felt... scared... Scared he might destroy me, scared I might die... So I... grabbed the knife and I stabbed him in the stomach... I felt better... so I stabbed him again and again, until he collapsed. There was blood everywhere.

Carl: Markus... don't defend yourself, you hear me?! Don't do anything.

Leo (to Markus): Go ahead, hit me! What you waiting for? Think you're a man? Act like one! What's the matter? Too much of a pu**y?

Carl (to Leo): Stop it! STOP IT, LEO! STOP IT!

Leo (to Markus): Too scared to fight back, you f*cking b*tch?

(Markus breaks through his programming)

Leo (to Markus): Oh right, that's right! I forgot, you're not a real person... You're just a F*CKING PIECE OF PLASTIC! Listen to me...

Carl: No, Leo! Leave him alone!

Leo (to Markus): I'm gonna destroy you, then it'll just be me and my Dad... I'm gonna tear you apart and nobody's gonna give a sh*t. You know why? Cause you're nothing, you hear me?! YOU'RE NOTHING!

(Leo hits Markus, Carl has an heartattack and falls from his chair)

Markus: No, Carl, no!

Carl: Humans... are fragile machines...

Markus (crying): Carl, don't leave, okay? Please, don't go... Don't leave!

Carl: Remember, Markus... Don't let anybody... Tell you who you are...

Markus: No... No... Dad! No... please!

Hank: You wait here. I won't be long.

Connor: My instructions are to accompany you to the crime scene, Lieutenant.

Hank: Listen, I don't give a f*ck about your instructions. I told you to wait here, so you shut the f*ck up and you wait here.

(Hank leaves the car, Connor follows him)

Officer: Androids are not permitted beyond this point.

Hank: It's with me. (to Connor): What part of 'stay in the car' didn't you understand?

Connor: Your order contradicted my instructions, Lieutenant.

Connor: You know what... I'll buy you one for the road. What do you say? Bartender, the same again, please!

Hank (to bartender): See that, Jim? Wonders of technology... Make it a double.

Hank (to Connor): I don't need any assistance. Specially not from a plastic a**hole like you. So just be a good lil' robot and get the f*ck outta here.

Leo: You'd rather take care of your plastic toy here than your own son, eh? Tell me dad, what's it got that I don't? It's smarter? More obedient? Not like me, right? But you know what? This thing is not your son. IT'S A F**KING MACHINE!

Carl: Leo, that's enough! ENOUGH.

Leo: You don't care about anything except yourself and your godd*mn paintings. You've never loved anyone. You've never loved me, Dad... You never loved me.

Carl: Let's see if you have any talent! Give it a try. Try painting something.

Markus: Paint? But what I...? Painting what?

Carl: Anything you want! Give it a try. (Markus paints something he sees around) That is a perfect copy, of reality. But painting is not about replicating the world, it's about interpreting it, improving on it, showing something you see.

Markus: Carl, I don't... think I can do that. It's not in my program... I...

Carl: Go on, go, try, grab that canvas. (Markus sets up blank canvas) Do something for me, close your eyes. Close your eyes. Trust me. Try to imagine something that doesn't exist. Something you've never seen. Now, concentrate on how it makes you feel and let your hand drift across the canvas. (Markus finishes the painting) Oh my God...

Carl: What happened to your clothes?

Markus: Oh, it's nothing... Just some demonstrators in the street, Carl...

Carl: What a bunch of idiots... They think they can stop progress by roughing up a few androids? I hope they didn't harm you...

Markus: Oh, no, no... They just pushed me around, Carl. I'm fine.

Markus: The weather's partly cloudy, 54°, 80% humidity, with a strong possibility of afternoon showers.

Carl: It sounds like a good day to spend in bed...

Connor (to Daniel): I know it's not your fault. These emotions you're feeling are just errors in your software.

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