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Markus: If they attack, no one will survive... There's no other way out. They're going to kill us... The only hope we have left is that we don't die for nothing...

North: You're the hope of our people. I trust you. We all trust you. No matter what happens now, we're making history.

Markus: We came here to demonstrate peacefully and tell humans that we are living beings. All we want is to live free.

Police: This is an illegal gathering. Disperse immediately or we will open fire.

Markus: We're not looking for confrontation. We've done no harm, we have no intention of doing any... But know that we are not going anywhere until we have secured our freedom.

Police: I repeat: this is an illegal gathering. If you do not disperse immediately, we will shoot!

North: Markus, they're gonna kill us... We have to attack! There's more of us, we can take them!

Josh: If we attack, we'll start a war. We have to show them we're not violent. We should just stand our ground, even if it means dying here.

Police: This is your last chance! Disperse immediately or you will all be killed!

Markus: We have to show them we won't back down. We stay right here.

(Police shoots down some of the androids)


Josh: We have to make a statement. We have to stay put, no matter what.

North: Please, Markus. We can't let them slaughter us without fighting back!

Markus: We're not moving.

(Police shoots again)

North: Markus! What are you doing? They're gonna kill us all!

(Markus decides to sacrifice himself, gets shot, but other get him to safety thanks to John)

North: I was nothing... A doll in a distributor programmed to satisfy humans... Just a toy designed for their pleasure... One day, I was with a man who'd rented me... and without knowing why, realized I couldn't take it anymore... I strangled him... and I ran away...

Josh: Our broadcast is all over the news. Now humans know...

North: It was a mistake to reach out to them. They'll never negotiate with their slaves. We should have shown them that we're prepared to fight.

Josh: Violence is never the answer. Dialogue is the only way, I'm sure the humans will listen to us.

Detroit: Become Human Quotes

2038. Detroit, Michigan. A place with a scarred past built itself as the leading technological state which brought the nation of America with an improved future where androids who are equal or exceeding human intelligence live among us. Primary work forces such as maids, taxi drivers and construction workers were replaced and androids are also purchasable in certain stores for individual purposes. Follow through a emotional and conflicting journey to challenge what you believed was truly right with three androids in a world that wants to stop them from being who they are. Your choices define the three characters' fate as you build them up and can effect the future of the whole country and possibly more. What sacrifices will you make to become free? What sacrifices will you make to be truly human? (IMDb) │ Produced by Quantic Dream