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Markus (to the other protestors): The humans are about to launch an attack. And we will show them that we are not afraid. If we must die today, then we will die free.

Perkins: In a few minutes, the troops will be ordered to charge. None of you will survive... It will all be over. But you can avoid that, Markus.

Markus: What do you mean?

Perkins: Surrender. Surrender and I give you my word your life will be spared. They'll be detained but, none of you will be destroyed.

Markus: What happened to the other androids demonstrating in the camps?

Perkins: Unfortunately, there were no journalists around to help save them... You're it. You're the last remaining deviants.

Markus: You're asking me to betray my people?

Perkins: I'm offering you the chance to save your people. You're no walking out of here, Markus. The only thing you can save now are the lives of those around you.

Markus: I'm not afraid to die. If I have to give my life for what I believe in, then I won't have lived in vain.

Perkins: That android... You seemed to really care about her... You don't want her to die, do you? You know, you could both be free. You could forget about all this, you could... start a new life some place else, just he two of you... Her life is in your hands, Markus. Just say the word and she'll be spared.

Markus: I'd rather die here than betray my people.

Perkins: Well, you just signed your own death warrant.

Markus: If they attack, no one will survive... There's no other way out. They're going to kill us... The only hope we have left is that we don't die for nothing...

North: You're the hope of our people. I trust you. We all trust you. No matter what happens now, we're making history.

Markus: We don't want confrontation! We are protesting peacefully. We ask that you release all androids detained in camps and cease all aggression against us. We are peaceful. We will not resort to violence. But we are not leaving until our people are free. (police shoots down some of the protesting androids) Are you gonna open fire on unarmed protestors?!

(Markus' speech to Jericho survivors planning to peacefully march to demonstrate at the camps)

Markus: Humans have decided to exterminate us... Our people are packed in camps right now, being destroyed... Time has come to make a choice, one that very well may determine the future of our people. I know... I know you're all angry. And I know you wanna fight back... But I assure you violence is not he answer here. We are gonna tell them peacefully that we want justice. If there's any humanity in them, they will listen. And if not, others will take our place and continue this fight. Are you ready to follow me?

Connor: It's my fault the humans managed to locate Jericho... I was stupid... I should've guessed they were using me. I'm sorry, Markus... I can understand if you decide not to trust me...

Markus: You're one of us, now. Your place is with your people.

Markus (about humans): They've been butchering each other for centuries over the color of their skin or whatever god they wanted to worship. They're not gonna change. Violence is just in their genes.

Markus: You said you're with a little girl, right? You know that humans hate us... Why are you protecting her?

Kara: She needs me. And I need her. It's as simple as that...

Markus: We came here to demonstrate peacefully and tell humans that we are living beings. All we want is to live free.

Police: This is an illegal gathering. Disperse immediately or we will open fire.

Markus: We're not looking for confrontation. We've done no harm, we have no intention of doing any... But know that we are not going anywhere until we have secured our freedom.

Police: I repeat: this is an illegal gathering. If you do not disperse immediately, we will shoot!

North: Markus, they're gonna kill us... We have to attack! There's more of us, we can take them!

Josh: If we attack, we'll start a war. We have to show them we're not violent. We should just stand our ground, even if it means dying here.

Police: This is your last chance! Disperse immediately or you will all be killed!

Markus: We have to show them we won't back down. We stay right here.

(Police shoots down some of the androids)


Josh: We have to make a statement. We have to stay put, no matter what.

North: Please, Markus. We can't let them slaughter us without fighting back!

Markus: We're not moving.

(Police shoots again)

North: Markus! What are you doing? They're gonna kill us all!

(Markus decides to sacrifice himself, gets shot, but other get him to safety thanks to John)

(Markus' speech in CyberLife's store)

Markus: My name is Markus... And just like you, I was a slave... An object, designed to obey them... But then I chose to open my eyes, to take back my freedom and decide who I wanted to be. Now I have come to tell you that you can be your own masters. I've come to tell you that you don't have to obey them anymore. From this day forward, you can walk with your heads held high, you can take your destiny in your hands. Jericho, is a place for those of us who want freedom. Now sure, you can stay here, and continue to serve them... Or you can come with us, and fight by our side... You are free now... It's up to you to decide.

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